Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives

Finding a strange orb, Jayden finds himself turning into a vampire. Strange quests start to appear in front of him, sending him to different worlds. He finds himself playing different roles in different worlds, as he gets stronger and gets the most beautiful women from each world. " So, you want to save your son, impossible. The treason he committed can't be forgiven. " " Please, *sob*" I'm begging you. I'll do anything if you spare him. " Jayden looks at the breath-taking beauty kneeling in front of him, as a sly smile appears on his face. " Anything, you say. Then..." ****** Using his mind control abilities, Jayden will become the richest, strongest vampire, and have lots of beautiful women in his harem. ________________________ -No NTR, But MC will steal other's women. -Might be a bit slow at the beginning. -No Yuri Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/wckUrBNVUd Extra chapters after 30 golden tickets and gifts

Jin_moon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
719 Chs

The Village

" Don't make such a face, you won't die with just that much poison, but there is a low chance that you will ever be able to train again, so run away from here and try to get to your family if you survive maybe you could train again. "

After saying that he didn't stay any longer and flew into the air away from the demons, more than five 3rd Zone demons were running towards that area and many 2nd and 1st Zone demons were mixed in it.

After hearing these words, Ardino's expression finally changed he hastily looked above but by now Jayden was already gone, then all three of them panicked and hastily began to run in the direction Jayden had pointed to earlier, but since Ardino was still quite weak, the other two have to drag him with them.