10 Jade Auction

Soon, A black Mercedes arrived before a large building. Jia Hao and Su Yunqi got out of the car and went inside.

As they reached the reception hall, a man came running with slightly messy clothing. " Haha, CEO Su is here. Welcome to the Millennium Jade Auction. I am Li Xumin, the vice manager."

Jia Hao looked at Lu Xumin as he couldn't help but snort inwardly. After getting the Sage's Divine Eyes, his memories got much sharper than before, like a computer.

' Li Xumin…This bastard is one of the subordinates of Li Tao. Hmm, He is a side character villain who already molested quite some girls. However, unlike Li Tao, he is quite unlucky as he got arrested after a girl found evidence against him and reported it to the police.

' However, That's already a lot later, and this motherfucker already ruined so many girls till then.' Jia Hao smiled at Li Xumin while planning his social murder.

" I see. Hello, Mr. Xumin, I hope you know why I am here." Su Yunqi looked at Li Xumin with a calm gaze. 

" Of course, How can I not?" Li Xumin smiled brightly. " Please, come with me. We have received a batch of coarse stones right from Northern Mountain Range."

" And this young man is…" Li Xumin looked at Jia Hao with some confusion.

" He is Jia Hao…You can consider him as my son." Su Yunqi rubbed the head of Jia Hao as she smiled.

Jia Hao became speechless at the speed he got a step mom. But it wasn't like he was complaining though. After all, He already had a lot of plans for his step mom and step sisters.

" I am not a kid anymore. Why are you doing this…" He flushed a bit as he looked at Su Yunqi.

" Aww, Don't worry. In my eyes, you will always be my young and handsome child." Su Yunqi grinned. Her smile was simply intoxicating, making a lot of people attracted to her. Even Li Xumin could feel the rise of dark urges in his heart.

' Damn, No wonder that bastard Li Tao wants to make a video of her. Hehe…But as commission fees, should I not inspect the goods on behalf of Mr. Li Tao?' Li Xumin laughed in his heart as he turned around, gesturing for Su Yunqi and Jia Hao to come with him.

" Here, These are the rocks that's going to be auctioned an hour later. You can pick the code number of rocks of your choice and when it comes for the auction, you can bid for them." Li Xumin explained.

" Can't we just buy some rocks directly from here?" Su Yunqi frowned a bit as she asked.

" That would depend on the seller and the price of the rocks." Li Xumin smiled lightly. " After all, the premium quality rocks must be needed to be auctioned."

" So, please take your time and look around as you like." Li Xumin pointed at an old man beside him. The old man looked haughty as he wore an old style clothing with a pair of round spectacles.

" He is Master Hao. He is one of the experts who can detect the jade just by touching his hands on the surface of the rock."

" Really? It sounds like a miracle." Su Yunqi felt a bit doubtful. Master Hao chuckled as he shook his head. 

" Miss, It's our traditional practice. We use the palm technique, jade pulse detection, stone pulse detection, aura detection, divination, astrology, astronomy, and rocket science to detect jade inside the rock."

' And guess what? I have bullshit detection and my bullshit detection radar is blaring.' Jia Hao mumbled inwardly.

" Miss Su, You don't need to worry about him. After all, He is a certified appraiser." Li Xumin smiled. " Please, have trust in us."

" Well, I know many people won't believe me." Master Hao chuckled as he walked forward. As he went to a nearby jade stone retailer, he started to look through the small stones.

" Aha, This one… I want to buy this stone."

" Are you sure?" The retailer asked. " This costs 5000 Yuan."

" Well, Nothing much." Master Hao paid him money. " Now hurry and cut this stone."

*After a while*

" Oh my!"

" Look there! Such a clear jade stone!"

Even Su Yunqi was surprised when she saw the green piece inside the jade. " I guess Master Hao is really talented. I acknowledge your skills."

Jia Hao almost facepalmed himself when he heard Su Yunqi. He felt like the IQ of girls really drops when the danger comes, or maybe it's the effect of a bad ending trope?

After that, Su Yunqi invited Master Hao and looked around the various rocks on the display for the auction. Master Hao closed his eyes and rubbed his palm on the surface like caressing his wife's ass, almost making Jia Hao kick him.

' Fucker! At least act properly!'

He gave the code number of five rocks to Su Yunqi and then took his leave. Jia Hao looked at the estimated price of rocks and realized the total amount of the bid could exceed 20 Million Yuan, which was the last savings of Su Yunqi's Blue Crystal Company.

And remember, It was the company funds, not her personal funds. Because her personal funds were pretty much depleted, thanks to the conspiracy of Li Tao.

" Hao'er, what do you think? I think that Master Hao is pretty reliable." Su Yunqi looked at Jia Hao.

" Aunt, I believe none of the stones contains jade." Jia Hao responded flatly.

" What? Why did you say so?" Su Yunqi was surprised. Jia Hao shrugged. " Aunt Su, Think about this. They could easily profit more if they know which stones contains jade. But there, Li Xumin casually introduce to a renonwed jade detection master? Do you believe that?"

" But that jade stone earlier…" Su Yunqi mumbled. " Besides, Other people also have their jade appraisers with them though?"

" Well, Because they are their trusted appraiser? Can you trust Master Hao who you just met now?" Jia Hao stared at Su Yunqi.

Other than the reasons he said, Jia Hao knew about the stones appraised by Master Hao being fake thanks to his Sage's Divine Eyes. After all, when he looked at the stones approved by Master Hao, he got these texts.

[ Mountain Stones: Stones mined from Northen Plateu. Empty inside]

" Then what should we do?" Su Yunqi couldn't help but become a bit anxious. Jia Hao became amused as he indicated Su Yunqi to come close.

" Aunt Su…Actually, I heard something." Jia Hao whispered. " I heard the code numbers of the stones which actually got jades inside them. Not to mention, there is also a stone that contains Green Crystal Jade in it."

" What?! Green Crystal Jade?" Su Yunqi almost blurted loudly when she heard that. Suppressing her voice, she looked at Jia Hao. " Are you sure? Even a small piece of a size of an apple will fetch more than fifty million yuan!"

" That's why the authorities are keeping it a secret. They probably want to do a shady deal with it. But since we know that, we can take advantage of it." Jia Hao spoke in a righteous voice with a 'trust me fr' attitude.

" Hao'er, Are you sure?"

" If you don't believe it, we can purchase some small stones first and wait for the auction. Besides…The one with Green Crystal Jade isn't a premium stone. So, we might buy that even cheap."

Su Yunqi was shocked, but looking at Jia Hao's attitude, She chose to believe him.

" This one, This one…And that one." Jia Hao pointed at some of the smaller stones as his Sage's Divine Eyes flickered. 

[ Mountain Stone: Stone mined from Northen Plateu. Contains Ordinary Green Jade]

[ Mountain Stone: Stone mined from Northen Plateu. Contains Ordinary Green Jade]

[ Mountain Stone: Stone mined from Northen Plateu. High quality Green Jade]

Su Yunqi was shocked as the stones were cut opened. All three of of them had jades inside them, giving off a charming green light.

" This… All of them are jade stones?" Su Yunqi was stunned for a moment.

" I… I just spent 100,000 Yuan for them. Yet, I already recovered two million yuan." Although Su Yunqi doesn't know how to check jades inside a stone, she certainly know the price range of these jades.

Holding Su Yunqi's hand, Jia Hao grinned. " So, Aunt Su, Do you believe me now?"

" Yes, I do!" Su Yunqi became excited. Jia Hao took out a paper and wrote the codes of the stones which had premium quality of jades inside them. " Here, Aunt Su, Ask your manager to buy all these. And especially this one."

" Hmm? Why? We can buy ourselves though?" Su Yunqi didn't understand. 

" I just want to hurry and go home. Besides, It will attract too much attention if we get so many jades suddenly." Jia Hao spoke. But as he was speaking, A girl bumped with Su Yunqi, spilling the red wine on her dress.

" Wh-What the hell!?" Su Yunqi was startled as her face turned a bit ugly. Suddenly, Li Xumin appeared out of nowhere as he scolded the waitress. " Dumb wench! You stained our guest's dress."

" Madame Su, Don't worry. How about you go to our VIP suite and clean it? If you wish, we can bring a new dress too."

Jia Hao's eyes darkned as he realized what's going to happen.

' Heh, But no way I am letting this to happen."

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