3 Nicole

It's been a year since Nicole has been intimate with her husband, and she felt that her husband was avoiding her and she even found out that he was cheating on her with a younger girl.

For the past year, she has been without any attention from the opposite sex and now this guy was flirting with her out of nowhere which made her cheeks turn red.

She looked at him, and although he wasn't handsome, he wasn't too bad either.

'Oh, my god! What am I thinking? He is my co-worker!' Nicole thought as her cheeks turned even redder.

Jack looked at her flustered expression with surprise. He had never thought that this sex meter thing would even work. He thought that he was just Hallucinating.

He then looked above her head again.

Sex Meter - (55/100)

I need a bit more to have sex with Nicole.

Just the thought of having Nicole in his embrace excited him, for the past few days he has been feeling depressed and now this heaven-sent gift have arrived in front of him, he wanted to use it as much as he could.

Previously he tried being a nice guy but got nothing in return, now he wanted to enjoy being evil a little.

Nicole looked at him with a smile and her eyes averted.

"Boy! You are getting more and more naughty day by day, to even flirt with me, you know I am married right?"

Nicole looked at him with fake anger on the face.

Jack raised his brows at her sudden one eighty, just now she was blushing and now he could see anger flashing in her eyes. Was his cheat fake?

However, suddenly time stopped again. Everything turned black and white.

[1. How can I resist, you are turning more and more sluttry day by day, just look at you wearing such crop tops and those tight jeans, you are asking to get fucked. (Ero +44)

2. Sorry, I was just teasing you. (Ero -55) ]

This was a make-or-break option.

Jack looked at the options and shock appeared on his face.

"This is ridiculous!"

He gulped his saliva, if these floating windows were just his hallucinations then he would be in big trouble, not only would he lose his job, he might even get beat up by her.

However, he didn't care anymore. "I have had enough! I have to take this chance, or I will regret it later."

Jack decided and clicked on the first option even after knowing the dangers of his cheating failing.

"How can I resist, you are turning more and more sluttry day by day, just look at you wearing such crop tops and those tight jeans, you are asking to get fucked." he blurted out.

And just as he looked at Nicole, she was shocked at first, however, her face soon turned red.

Her eyes glared at him.

Jack looked at the Sex meter and it was almost full. (99/100) which means he could now have sex with her.

"You! How dare you!" She moved out of the counter and came in front of him with anger and shame flashing in her eyes.

Jack gulped his saliva in terror, 'Shit! My cheat has failed.' He prepared to run away.

However again, the time around him stopped, and a blue screen flashed in front of him.

[1. Kiss her ( +1 ero point )

2. Dodge and run away (-99 ero points)]

Jack looked at the options and struggled to choose, 'I have already come this far, it doesn't matter now!'

Gritting his teeth he chooses the first option.

Nicole's hand which was flying toward Jack to hit him suddenly got caught by Jack and then she felt a sudden force on her lips.

The moment she realized that she was kissing him, her ears turned red and her eyes turned misty.

She was embraced by someone after a long time and it felt good.

Through her blurry eyes, she looked into his eyes and saw deep passion in them which made her body loosen in his grip.

Opening her mouth she let his tongue enter hers. 'This guy! He is so blatant! Humph, I will teach him a lesson later.'

She thought and enjoyed his passionate kiss.

Jack on the other hand couldn't believe what was happening, 'It worked! It works!' He could feel her body leaning on his and she even started to kiss him in return.

Soon enough both of their tongues intertwined as they engaged in a passionate kiss. Nicole moved her hands and placed them over his cheeks, raising the intensity of the kiss, it was like she was scared that the moment they separated someone would snatch Jack.

This made Jack even more shocked, however soon enough he came to his senses and enjoyed the passionate moment between them.

His hand slowly moved under her tee, grabbing her supple waist. Caressing her navel he moved towards her boobs.

By now Nicole's skin turned very sensitive and she noticed his hands moving toward her chest. If not for her mouth intertwined with his, she would have let out a moan.

Her eyes widened as she felt his hand suddenly slipping under her bra grabbing her boob.

"Uhh..." She pushed him back as both of them left each other's embrace.

Jack looked at her flustered expression, "Did it hurt?" He asked with a nervous expression.

Nicole looked at him, her face completely red as sweat dripped down her chin.

"Not here..." She shyly looked away from him and moved towards the glass door of the store, shutting it down she placed a closed sign on it.

Jack looked at her shy expression and then at her swaying back moving towards the glass door.

Looking at her supple ass, his boner which was already hard turned even harder. He just wanted to grab her and violate her again and again.

However, he controlled his desires, he was not sure of the extent of his power so he decided to take it slow for now.

After closing the door Nicole turned around and looked at Jack's lustful eyes darting all over her body.

Her heart started to beat faster, she liked bad boys, and by the way Jack has treated her she felt extremely aroused.

And expecting what he was gonna do to her now, she felt even more aroused.

"Let's go to the back room, there is a sofa there." Nicole pointed her shaky fingers at the door behind the counter.

However, before Jack could reply, her finger got stuck in the air and her whole body stopped.

Jack looked at another blue panel in front of him, in it was information about Nicole.

"My cheat even gives information about targets after I fill the ero meter!" He was pleasantly surprised by the new information.

[Target Information.

Name- Nicole

Age - 32

Sexual Preferences- Loves when she gets dominated. Has daddy issues.

Kinks- Derogatory words, Rough Sex, BDSM, Anal.

Current Mentality- She wants you to fuck her so hard that she forgets about her husband that was cheating on her. ]

Jack raised his brows at her information.

"I never thought that the sweet and caring Nicole would have such kinks."

His eyes then darted at her shy expression and an evil grin formed on his face. "I will make sure that you forget about your husband and crave my dick again and again."

Jack dismissed the blue panel and looked at Nicole.

With a smile, he moved.

"Why would I want to go to that room I will fuck you here!" Jack came near her.

Nicole's heart started beating even faster as she felt his body moving towards her.

"But... Someone might peek in here." The more Jack dominated, the more submissive she became.

Jack smiled at her words, from her face, he could tell that she was loving his attitude.

He moved his head close to her ear, "So be it, let the world see, how big of a slut you are." He whispered.

His voice sent chills down her spine as she felt her underwear getting wetter.

She averted her gaze and pushing him lightly started to move toward the back room.

However, before she could even open the door of the back room, she felt a pull on her hair as Jack grabbed them and pressed her face against the door she was entering.

"Why are you acting all shy now? Just a few moments ago you were kissing me like a slut." His boner pressed against her ass as he came close to her ear.

"Jack... Be gentle..." Her voice was so dim that even she couldn't hear it completely.

Jack laughed at her submissive attitude, 'I will make sure to reveal your inner slut in front of me.'

Pulling her back he opened the back room and pushed her body on the sofa.


He closed the door and looked at Nicole with an evil smile, she was sitting on the sofa with a flustered expression.

'This guy, he will make me go crazy if he continued like this, it's like he knows all my trigger points.'

She felt her body heating up with every breath she took.

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