Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn As A Vampire Dragon With a System

After dying miserably, Chaos suddenly finds himself reborn in the body of a chimera between a Vampire and a Dragon created by an insane Elder Lich who claims to be his father. Thrown into a an universe filled with darkness, monsters, dungeons, and gods, he finds himself born as the calamity of the entire galaxy, the primordial evil, an entity that shouldn't exist! Packed 100 Million Mana, a cold-headed mind, a calm demeanor, and the power of both Vampires and Dragons developing within his chimeric body, Chaos will awaken his Chaos Magic, and gain Skills from the monsters that he eats, bringing forth the end of all those that dare come to take his life! This is the tale of the Devourer of Worlds, the Living Calamity, the Primordial Evil, Chaos! But was he all of this? Or was Chaos misunderstood? Watch as Chaos discovers the truth about his origins, and finds a purpose in his new life, and the fate that awaits him!

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Traveling To A Dungeon



A phenomenon that occurs all across the universe, dungeons are special underground places that possess a series of floors filled with traps, monsters, and treasures!

There are many types of dungeons, some are created naturally through the over-accumulation of miasma over a certain area, which causes a dungeon to emerge naturally.

"Natural Dungeons" are those that emerge naturally through over-accumulation of miasma, and are focal points that also continuously absorb miasma from the environment, however, miasma is continuously made as residual energy from any type of energy, be it vitality, magic, or soul energy. Due to this, Dungeons and the world make a natural cycle where such energies are constantly recycled.

Dungeons could be said to be living beings to an extent, as they feed into miasma to survive… but also, they had adapted and evolved a variety of means to acquire greater and faster sources of nourishment, such as luring living beings inside of their bodies through enticing rewards, treasures, or even other monsters as food.

But aside from Natural Dungeons, there are other types of dungeons such as Artificial Dungeons, created by entities with enough power and capacity to make them, such Dungeons are similar to Natural Dungeons, but instead of being managed by the Dungeon Core independently, they are managed by the creator, who gains power and energy from maintaining their dungeons.

However, all the Dungeons that covered the planet of Ginnungagap were Natural Dungeons that were generated by this planet's natural and toxic amounts of residual energy, miasma.

Chaos was now flying towards a dungeon, which he had learned where it was thanks to Belphegor, who showed him a map of where he was.

One of the things that he learned through the map was that… his father's castle was located within a large island within the Dark Seas of the planet!

Indeed, this whole time, they were within an island, but it was so big it could be compared to the size of Japan on Earth, so it was rather justifiable that Chaos was unable to see the sea from where he was.

Incidentally, Chaos never learned how to fly yet he was able to fly incredibly dexterously, perhaps the memories he had could have something to do with this, but he decided to not think too hard over such a thing.

Chaos castle was located near the Misty Forest, which was in front of the Deadly Miasma Swamp, where the East Orc Tribe was located, the dungeon where he was going was the nearest to his castle which crossed over the Misty Forest and reached the Vast Wastelands, which were an extensive amount of… nothing but black and gray rock.

And in the middle of this place, there was a large entrance to an underground abyssal dungeon.

Dungeons were qualified by their levels of danger based on the monsters that emerged within them and well, the Dungeon Core itself also had a rank, the higher it was, the more extensive the dungeon was, the bigger it became, and the stronger the monsters became, but also, the treasures would grow in value exponentially.

Dungeon Cores were able to rank up through the over-accumulation of energy, so it was often rare to see a dungeon rank up, as they took hundreds of years at the very least.

This Dungeon was named Boundless Abyss Dungeon, and it was an X-Rank Dungeon with beast up to X-Rank roaming its depths. It was named Boundless Abyss because the end of the dungeon was never found, it was said that it extended for over one hundred floors! And it possessed over 10 different biomes, from swamps, jungles, forests, deserts, tundra, and more!

The sheer variety of monster types inside was mesmerizing to Chaos, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on them to taste their flavor and gain new skills.

Belphegor had also brought a special artifact which he didn't want Chaos to eat, it was named… a Teleportation Stone!

However, it wasn't as broken as it sounded, as it only lets the user and those around it teleport back to a place where another teleportation stone was located, which was the castle.

This way, they will be able to go back to the castle at any time as long as they put another teleportation stone where they left the dungeon, this is why the entire set was made of three azure-colored jewels.

And because of its complexity and the necessity of several pieces to work properly, Belphegor asked Chaos to please not eat it, as he wasn't sure if he would even get the same effects.

Chaos was intelligent enough to not risk such a thing, so he let Belphegor bring the two jewels while leaving another inside the castle.

This way, they would be able to make "checkpoints" within the dungeon itself and come back where they left it at any moment!

"Belphegor, how did father managed to get his hands into such powerful artifacts?" asked Chaos.

"I was also wondering the same, the jewels seem to be quite amazing, Belphegor!" said Abyss.

"Ah, yes, that's quite a long story… But to resume it, Master Ainz managed to steal these three stones from an old Spatial Warlock that once lived within this Island, the two used to be rivals, in fact," laughed Belphegor.

"A Spatial Warlock?" asked Chaos.

"Spatial Warlocks are Warlocks who have contracted with a powerful entity capable of granting them space-manipulation abilities and magic. They are very rare but dangerous!" said Belphegor.

"Oh… What happened to him?" asked Chaos.

"If he was so strong I don't think he was-" muttered Abyss, as she was interrupted.

"Well, he died," said Belphegor while chuckling maliciously.


Chaos and Abyss were left speechless… such a strong warlock just… got killed?!

"Yes, Master Ainz was a very strong Necromancer! He employed all of his cunningness and schemes to kill him and steal all of his treasures! Master Ainz was quite the evil lord, you see…" laughed Belphegor.

Chaos was left surprised by his father's shamelessness but also his strength…

"I will work hard so I can one day… become as amazing as my father," said Chaos.

"I am sure that you will reach even higher, my lord. Oh! There it is," said Belphegor, pointing at the dungeon's entrance.