286 The End Of A Journey And The Beginning Of Another


They all gathered around this event and bet for who might result as the winner, the tickets for Supreme Systems are given to a random person in the dimensions so they're the ones people can vote for.

Apparently, I was one of the people that everyone was voting the most for due to my feats, but at the end I scared them all when I just killed a Dimensional Ruler out of nowhere…

And it all comes down to this scheme, a conspiracy against the Great One Above All Creation that orchestrated this entire thing named Primogenio… And it was orchestrated by nobody else than his own servants, someone that was in charge of making the tickets, someone that has been loyal to him all this time suddenly screwed everything.

It resulted in that the bastard had put limiters to the System, he obviously wanted us to grow stronger quick, but not to the point where we could surpass him.


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