34 Job Change!




[Name: [Gustav]

[Race: [Human]

[Element: [Null]

[Weapon Type: [Any]

[Orbs: 54]

[Gold: 38.630]

[Hero Feathers: 10.100]

[Hero Fragments: 100]

[Job: [Sorcerer]

[Job History: [Summoner]

[Skill Points: 5770]

[System Rank: 1]

[Level: [20/20]

[Vitality: [350/350]

[Mana: [5.800/5.800]

[Strength: [320]

[Magic: [950]

[Dexterity: [478]

[Skills: [Summon (-)], [Apprentice Sorcerer (E)], [Mana Bullet Blast (E)], [Danger Perception (C)], [Fire Jewel (D)], [Wind Jewel (D)]

My stats had indeed advanced a lot, I can see that the largest development would be in my Mana, which already started at a ridiculous number compared to the rest.

I suppose the more you have of one stat, the more you gain per level as if growth is calculated by the amount you already possess. People that naturally have a lot of mana keep developing even more as they grow stronger exponentially.

Man, wouldn't it be nice to have infinite mana… I could just have all summons at once without problems, I could just make an unbeatable army.

But I guess I am not that kind of character… That one novel though… Ugh, now that the Apocalypse is really coming, I guess it might abruptly come to an end, what a bummer.

Anyways, I decided to glance at the available Job Options...

[Available Job Options]




[Magic Knight]


There are way more options now.

Gladiator, Warrior, Paladin, and… Magic Knight.

I can't check them in detail though, but I would assume Gladiator is a more reckless physical combat class that disregards defenses for more explosive and fast attacks.

Warriors are often all-rounders physical-wise.

Paladins are usually good at defense, with some interesting holy magic (can vary between versions), and some good talent at using heavy weapons, though they don't specialize, they offer more than the previous two.

And then there's Magic Knight, another class that does not specialize completely in both sides and uses two to generate a new strength, combining physical combat and magic together.

I suppose the last one fits me quite well.


[Exchange 10000 Gold and 1000 Hero Feathers to change Jobs to [Magic Knight]?]

<Yes> <No>

Without a doubt, I tapped the "yes" option, as I spent the resources and immediately felt a new surge of strength, my stats quickly increasing with my third Job.


[You changed Jobs to [Magic Knight]!]

[You learned the [Beginner Magic Weapon Technique (E)] and [Beginner Magic Armor Technique (E)] Skills!]

Oh, nice, two new skills and they're part of what makes a Magic Knight interesting too.

[Name: [Gustav]

[Race: [Human]

[Element: [Null]

[Weapon Type: [Any]

[Orbs: 54]

[Gold: 28.630]

[Hero Feathers: 9.100]

[Hero Fragments: 100]

[Job: [Magic Knight]

[Job History: [Summoner], [Sorcerer]

[Skill Points: 5770]

[System Rank: 1]

[Level: [20/30]

[Vitality: [570/570]

[Mana: [7.300/7.300]

[Strength: [500]

[Magic: [1450]

[Dexterity: [620]

[Skills: [Summon (-)], [Apprentice Sorcerer (E)], [Mana Bullet Blast (E)], [Danger Perception (C)], [Fire Jewel (D)], [Wind Jewel (D)], [Beginner Magic Weapon Technique (E)], [Beginner Magic Armor Technique (E)]

My stats increased a nice amount, my Mana is already at 7300… Is this cheating?

My magic is almost 1500, and the strength and vitality stats got a good boost, I guess.

The moment I became a Magic Knight, a rush of information on how to use my new Skills ran through my mind, which enlightened me in the ways of coating my weapon and armor with pure magic to generate great results.

[Beginner Magic Weapon Technique (E)]

Through your understanding of your own magic capacity and mana usage, you are capable of harboring the power of your magic and its attribute over your weapon, giving you the ability to unleash hybrid attacks combining both magic and physical damage against your enemies, calculating 30% of Magic and Strength Stat in your damage dealt through these techniques.

[Beginner Magic Armor Technique (E)]

Through your understanding of your own magic capacity and mana usage, you are capable of harboring the power of your magic and its attribute over your equipment, creating a magical armor that protects you from damage by reducing some amount of the damage you receive by calculating 30% of your Magic Stat.

Huh, so the first one helps me use both Strength and Magic to deal damage, while the second one lets me use Magic as a "defense stat" even though there isn't any defense stat, to begin with.

Pretty good.

Like the other Skills, when I am not doing anything, I constantly use them, so I immediately activated the Magic Armor and Magic Weapon, and held my weapon over my body with a strap.

Like this, I have them activated constantly, and I can gain proficiency on them.

Through the night we already reached the outskirts of the city, though Kireina said some shady guys tried to assault her, but she made them sleep over the road using illusion magic. Maybe they will get crushed by another car, or wake up wondering what happened, whatever it is, I don't care.

Did my Danger Perception not activated because they were not even a threat?

Anyways, we were already reaching the wild areas between New York and Canada, I think we are already around Quebec.

Man, this place surely is beautiful and tranquil, there is no big city around here until very far, and there is also the immense Lake Champlain.

While Kireina drive, I took a nap in the car, until we reached an area where there were large and dense forests, and Kireina said that she wanted to go hunt something fresh to eat…


I guess she wants to eat fresh meat?

Could there be bears or deer around here? Definitely deer… or not? I am a neet, so I have no idea about this real-life stuff.

Nonetheless, exploring these forest areas and not be just on the road was refreshing, and we even went to the lake. Kireina easily fished some fish, and then after some time, we found a large deer, which I crushed its head with a Mana Bullet Blast.

After that, she taught me how to butcher, and we ate roasted deer in the middle of the wilderness, alongside grilled fish.

I had bought a lot of seasoning, so with some salt, pepper, and oregano, everything was amazing.

Man, I never thought that traveling to the outside could be this fun, I guess when you have good company, any place is fun to be.




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