17 Farming Piles of Gold!




Kireina walked to my left side as she nodded with blazing resolve.

"Let's go, Master," she said while holding my hand tightly.

Why is she doing this? I am not nervous, you are literally overpowered, Kireina!

Anyways, as she held hands with me, we walked towards the next "room", which only brought us to a more open area within this misty forest.

The first thing we saw was… nothing, of course.

But a second after, a large magic circle appeared, alongside ten smaller ones.

The largest magic circle summoned what seemed to be an enormous Venomous Viper, it was around ten meters long, with a jaw that could easily eat my entire body in a single bite.

Well, things got quite serious now.

The Venomous Viper had shiny purple scales and enormous fangs that could easily kill me instantly if they were to pierce my head or chest.

And it was also covered by golden accessories that seemed to enhance its strength somehow…

Alongside that, ten Venomous Viper, the normal and "small" ones appeared around the Boss, as all the creatures hissed at us angrily.

Alongside that, three totems appeared around the battlefield.

The Venomous Viper Boss started immediately to attack by firing large projectiles of purple-colored slimy poison from its fangs, which I was forced to evade while Kireina intercepted them and destroyed them with her spear.

Clash! Clash! Clash!

"Kireina, distract the Boss while I and Ervas take care of the smaller ones!" I said, giving Kireina an order.

"Very well! Ervas, take good care of Master!" said Kireina, as she rushed towards the Boss and began to intercept its attacks so they wouldn't reach us.

"Leave it to me… Master, hit this one," said Ervas, as he suddenly summoned vines from his hands, the combined Grasses he tamed merged together and created a long vine (I never expected them to be useful so fast) and they suddenly entangled one Venomous Viper that was lurking behind me, grabbing it by the neck and entangling it!

I quickly braced myself, raising my bat and hitting the Viper's head multiple times, until its eyes began to fall out of its skull and the whole head cracked open!

They were way harder to kill than the Horned Rabbits, taking several hits even into the head, but I managed to kill it, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Ervas was holding back another five by creating a transparent barrier of telekinesis.

"Master, here are the other five, grab this EXP," said Ervas cutely, as he patted my head and pointed to the snakes.

I quickly cleaned the sweat dripping from my forehead and hit the five Snakes in a row as if I were playing Wack-a-Mole.

Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash! Clash!

The five snakes groaned in pain as they were trying to get through the barrier stupidly, but as it was a mass of transparent mind energy, Ervas had them tightly trapped inside.

He also used his own attacks, creating small bullets of telekinesis which he fired into the heads of the snakes, which usually killed them with three hits, but he left them for me to finish most of the time, although he did finish some.

A vast amount of Experience Points rushed into my body, reaching my very soul and nourishing my entire being.


[You gained a good amount of EXP]

[You leveled up to Level 6!]

I finally leveled up after the entire dungeon exploration… And I was already getting way more EXP than in the previous Tutorial Dungeon.

I can't see how much exact EXP I earn nor how much I need to level up, but it seems that the higher the level, the more EXP is needed (well, duh).

There was four Venomous Viper left, which were chasing us around while I evaded their jumping attacks, sometimes Ervas blocked them with a small and temporal shield of telekinesis, and other times I kicked them in the chin.

Finally, after some time of evading, we found a good spot within their patterns and caught another viper, which Ervas trapped with the vines created through the Walking Grass he tamed.

I raised my bat ad finished it off with four hits of my bat, it seems that I was getting better at this.

Clash! Clash! Clash!


The snake poofed into black smoke, leaving some gold, which I quickly touched and immediately sent to my Inventory.

The other three Snakes worked together and jumped all over us.

Ervas blocked two of them with telekinesis, but another slipped off his grasp and bit my hand.


The pain of the sharp knife fangs penetrating my flesh hurt like hell, and I could clearly feel the venom seeping into my veins too.

However, I quickly used this opportunity to grab the snake maliciously, as I began to twist its head with all the strength I could muster.

I think the damn viper glanced at me with horror because I was doing a pretty creepy face as I killed it with my bare hands.

A little bit more strength and then…


The entire neck was broken and the creature died almost instantly, poofing into black smoke.

"Gaia, use Antidote and Lesser Healing Life,"

Ervas quickly summoned Gaia, the Life Spirit, which had the exact appearance as the art I commissioned about her, she resembled a beautiful little girl made of wood with hair made of long leaves and shiny golden eyes.


She smiled happily as she touched my wound.


Bright white light and yellow light entered my wounds, detoxifying the venom and also healing the wound, I was back up to perfect condition.

Amazing, this was the power of a healer!

Ervas used his tiny fists to hit the last two vipers while floating over the air, throwing them into the ground as I began to crush them with my boots and hit them with my bat, after a few seconds, they disappeared into black smoke, although my boots were now covered in blood.

Meanwhile, Kireina was trying to get through the Venomous Viper Boss Scales, and she had done some heavy damage to it, but the beast was big enough to sustain its life yet, and roaring angrily as it sprayed poison everywhere…

Kireina was not immune to poison like in my novel and had already been poisoned, so Ervas quickly healed her a bit from this status effect, as she sighed.

"Let's finish this off now!" I said as the large viper confronted us with a loud hiss.




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