3 This Is Not The Cultivation I Know About...




I glance at the corpse of the Ice Rabbit as I begin to drool.

I am really quite hungry.

I immediately begin to dig in, using my sharp dragon fangs to tear apart the fur and reach the tender red meat within.

It is very warm.

Although cold does not affect me, it still rather comfortable to touch something warm at last.

…Even if it is the recently killed rabbit I am about to eat.

I shyly munch into the meat.


It is very warm.

And the blood, oh man.

So warm, and a bit salty.

It is really refreshing.

I begin to let my animalistic instincts take over my mind as I devour the entire rabbit.

I tear apart the delicious tender flesh and munch it.

Holy rabbits, this is godly.

I drink the blood as if it were the most delicious of elixirs, it even refreshes my mouth.

Am I a vampire or something?

Why am I enjoying this so much?

Come to think about it, why am I not feeling disgusted by eating raw meat and fresh blood?

I am sure that if I were a human, I would be puking right about now.

But somehow I am not.

In fact, I am enjoying this thoroughly.

It feels as if I were eaten a delicacy.

I guess this is my first meal.

I quickly take out most of the flesh around the corpse and use my little claws to move the corpse around, I tear apart the fur and leave it at the side.

Claws are different than human hands, I cannot really grab stuff with them, so it's hard to move things aside…

But I somewhat manage.

I quickly eat the guts inside the ribs and feast on everything without even caring.

Soon enough, I eat the entire head with a single crunchy sound, even the bones pass through my throat easily.

I begin to munch the bones too, damn, they are crunchy.

Unlike the mouth of a human that has a hard time eating bones, my sharp fangs make an easy work of them, it feels as if I was eating crunchy snacks, like French fries or something.

And they come with the extra bonus of some delicious bone marrow inside, oh man, I am really enjoying this thing…

What is wrong with me?

Well, I am no longer human I guess, that is incredibly obvious.

So by not having the body of a human, I no longer share my former fears and disgust?

I thought that I would be like every isekai protagonist that becomes a monster, disgusted by eating raw meat…

But I am not.

I guess the body really makes the mind here.

Nonetheless, I would still like it if it were cooked and seasoned.

Like a delicious and warm rabbit soup…

Phew. I am stuffed.

The only thing that remains of the rabbit is its fur, and I am considering eating it too because I think I can digest anything…

Yeah, I just checked something, my Unique Skills.


<Analyze has been activated>

<Unique Skill: [Immortal Body] has the following effects>

Supernatural Physique: The Ability to have a supernatural body, your strength is above the average on your species, and you are more likely to develop more supernatural abilities. Your senses are sharper than the average being of your species, and you have an easier time adapting to different types of energies.

Great Digestion: The Ability to digest anything you eat and slowly convert it into usable calories and mana. While eating, your regeneration speed increases.

Immortal: You are ageless. After reaching the stage of maturity of your species, you stop aging and can live for eternity, lifespan is not a concept for you.

Super Regeneration: Doubles the speed of the regeneration of your wounds, and gives the ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and more.

<These are your Abilities>


Indeed, this is wack.

I mean wack in a good way because this is absolutely amazing, broken!

Overpowered, even.

So I am really thinking about eating this fur.

But I wish I could save it somewhere.

Hey System, why don't I get some Inventory thingy? This is unfair!

Nothing? Okay then, do not give me anything, not as I care.

I decide to eat the fur then.

It did not taste that well but, I already ate it.

Hm? I think I feel like there is a bit of energy flowing through my body.

<Mana Core digestion complete>

<You regained a bit of Mana, and your body has been tempered by a little bit>

<You gained +1 Dexterity>



Mana Core?


Did I just ate a Mana Core without even realizing it?!

I was diving into my meal so happily I really didn't realize it.

So in this world, there are such things as Mana Cores.

I imagine that monsters have them… and me?

I guess I do have one if I somehow was enhanced by eating another.

Wait, let us Analyze my own body.

I use Analyze on myself, as I get rained with notifications.






Can't I analyze deep into my flesh?

Let us see…

I quickly put all of my intent into the task and…

I think I somehow managed.





I move to my chest and…

<Ice Dragon Mana Core (Rank 1: Initial Stage)>


I see I see…

So I do have a Mana Core, and it is located in my chest.

And it is related to my species, I think.

It also says "Rank 1: Initial Stage"…

What the heck does that even means?

I analyze the analyzed information and…


<Ice Dragon Mana Core (Rank 1: Initial Stage)>

The Mana Core of an Ice Dragon, a special organ that every living being is born with that helps in the cultivation of Mana, the flow of Mana around the body, and the user's perception of Mana.

It can be developed by absorbing mana from the environment, food, or special materials.


Wait, Cultivation?

This is… a Mana Cultivation world?

No way…

So does that means I will meet arrogant young masters and jade beauties?!

No thanks, I prefer to live in the mountains…




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