Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

A young man's life takes an unexpected turn when he meets an untimely demise, buried beneath an avalanche. As he breathes his last, he hears the echoes of mechanical voices resonating in his head, granting him a multitude of wishes in the form of Skills, Fortunes, and a new Body. Reborn as an Ice Dragon, Drake finds himself thrust into a fantastical realm reminiscent of Norse Mythology known as Yggdrasil. This world, however, holds more surprises than he could have ever imagined. It is not only a realm of fantasy but also a Cultivation World, blending two seemingly disparate concepts into one. Join him on his journey as he explores this enchanting world, navigating its treacherous landscapes and encountering deadly monsters along the way. As he fights for survival, he seeks to find his place in this new existence and discover the purpose that drives him forward. Yet, he soon realizes that he is not alone in this reincarnated state. Others have been granted wishes as well, and the collision of their desires threatens to plunge the world into utter chaos. This is a tale of rebirth and transformation—a man's evolution from a humble Dragon Pup to the indomitable Strongest Dragon King. Along his path, he will forge new alliances, face formidable foes, and gradually establish a place he can truly call home.

PancakesWitch · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1795 Chs

The End Of A Long Day


After a mountain of explanations of how my body had evolved and could work now, Benladann quickly understood, the rest didn't seem to get any of what I said but at least they got that I could divide myself and become two of me. And that was enough for them to realize it was possible to be in two places at once. This division is not something I can do sparingly though or multiple times, as these bodies are special, I can at most maintain two of them, more than that and I might grow weaker. Nonetheless, as it was getting slightly late, we decided to wrap things up by taking a last trip around the port town of Heaven Port, walking towards the beautiful port and inspecting the faraway Frost Tower where we saw the enormous building emanating a blue glow.

"A lot of people is here. Is the Frost Tower a big attraction?" Wondered Benladann.