1299 Farewell


With Aegir's new Powers and aid, it might be not as hard to deal with the problems that are waiting for us within Muspelheim, the land of flames is, after all, covered on flames, the power of Primordial Seas will be quite useful, without a doubt.

Although I had many questions to ask her, we'll have to leave that for later, we had to go for now. Ariel ran towards Sapphire and Triton, hugging them both.

"I'll get going now, Sapphire! I have to accompany Drake on his journey now that Papa Aquarius gave me this mission." She said. "I'll come back one day too, to see Triton grown up!"

"Take care, Ariel, have a nice trip, and don't do anything mischievous!" Sapphire said.

Benladra and Kate were currently saying their goodbyes to the friends they made in this country, Rose, Coral, and Eleanor, and well, all the kids at the orphanage.

"Bye-bye, Benladra, Kate!" Rose quickly hugged the two tightly. "Thank you for everything, really!"


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