53 A Meeting Between An Ice Dragon And An Ice Giant




It has been over a month since I was reincarnated in this new world, but this is the first time I find someone else… a person.

Another person, at last!

Ugh… She's still sleeping.

I am a bit worried, I don't want her to sleep so much, she has to eat something else than just drinking my blood back then in the middle of the battle.

I already got her some food, a pile of pears, and three Ice Crows, flying monsters I just found, they're literally crows whose feathers are azure-colored, and whose beaks are made of ice.

I bet they could make a nice soup.

But I don't know how to cook with these big claws.

I ate my fill already, so this is for her…

Hm… Should I simply abandon her and mind my own business now?

I contemplate this for a while, but I simply can't bring myself to do this.

I simply can't.

She has a Charm Skill, but it is not active as of now, so she is not encroaching my mind or something…

I am just… I don't feel that it is right to do.


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