8 The Flame Salamander Empress

[DAY 11]




"E-EH?! What in Gods forsaken was that?!"



I got out of my tiny bed and started to look for Wagyu and Rimuru, but the scoundrels were nowhere to be seen again, just like yesterday.

"Geez, where are you when we are getting attacked by wolves?!"

I quickly went out of my room and alerted all the monkeys to get ready for a fight, but when I got out Wagyu and Rimuru and a whole pack of Crimson Wolves playing around happily greeted me.

"Hey… what is this…? Wagyu explain yourself!"

"Gaah! M-master Kireina! Th-this! I can explain! I have unified the rest of the Crimson Wolves families scattered around the Rocky Mountains!"

Suddenly, a big Crimson Wolf King greeted me with a very polite voice in my mind.

"Thank you so much for helping and taking care of Wagyu, Master Kireina, he was always our last hope to defeat the former Emperor, now that he has become one, we don't have to worry anymore about tyrants and we can settle down as a whole clan, we are at your service."

"So that's how it is huh…"

When I checked the number of wolves there were exactly 28, very few compared to the monkeys, it seems that Crimson Wolves were at the brink of extinction.

I decided to do the same with monkeys and held a little tournament to see who were the strongest among them.

Unlike the monkeys, every Crimson Wolf was very strong and outside of the little pups, everyone had amazing fighting potential. 

Once decided the three best ones were decided I granted them with names.

The strongest one was the biggest and most experienced one, he had multiple scars on his back but acted very polite and friendly towards his people, and me.

I named him Kekensha (Experienced in Japanese)

The second strongest was an adult King with a calm and composed personality. Unlike the other Crimson Wolves, he had a good affinity with the Water and Earth Elements since birth, and some said that it was thanks to being born on a specific sacred day of the Crimson Wolves. 

After I checked his status, I found an interesting title: [Born on the Water and Earth Sacred Day], it granted him a high affinity to those two elements.

I named him Tsuchimizu (Earth-Water in Japanese)

The third one was a young and promising King with an energetic personality, he also had an abnormal mutation on him, having a little horn red-colored horn on his forehead that granted him high magic affinity.

I named him Kurimuzonhōn (Crimson Horn in Japanese)

Afterward, I made squads with the battle capable Wolves, while the pups and mothers would stay in the cave taking care of their children.

In total there were three Mothers, two already had their pups and one was pregnant, there were seven very adorable Crimson Wolf pups running around.

I made three squads with 6 Wolves each (Including the leader) and introduced them to the monkeys, I don't want them to fight over stupid things like different beliefs and such so I made sure to tell the monkeys to be polite.

Afterward, I put together the entire Monkey Squads leader and presented them to the Wolf Squads leaders; they all had a good conversation and became good friends.

"Haaahh… this was tiring… now there are even more mouths to feed…"

"Master Kireina do not worry, just like the monkeys, my clan will hunt their own food and even share it with the whole community"

"Oh yeah, right! Hahaha, not like I will feed you or anything…"

"Guuu, masta food… ready!"

We quickly made a little feat in celebration of the addition of the Crimson Wolves to the group, there was still a lot of the Bird Emperor meat and everyone had a good time. Just as yesterday, the named Crimson Wolves were amazed about their new power after obtaining skills from the meat and were very thankful to me.

[Max Minions 12/40]

After eating, I didn't want to immediately head out to the next Emperor's location and decided to check on the activities the Monkey Squads were doing.

What I was most interested in was the Crafting and Alchemy team lead by Kusuri, when I arrived I found him crafting special equipment for the main squads.

"Ah! Master Kireina, good to see you, here I have crafted this equipment for you, I know that you cannot equip them but maybe you could try to eat them Uki!"

"Eat them…? I mean, why not?"

I quickly ate the two magic rings and bracelets that Kusuri made for the testing, they tasted very bitter and were incredibly hard to munch and gulp.

[You've learned the following Skills]

[Red Gem Magic Ring]

[Blue Gem Magic Ring]

[Seraphin Healing Bracelet]

"Ooh its true Kusuri, I can gain the skills on this equipment if I eat them! This is a broken mechanic!"

"Really? Then the other named beings can also obtain skills by eating equipment with skills! This is amazing news Master Kireina; with this, our power will rise even more! Ukii!"

After a little conversation, I give Kusuri the task of crafting specific equipment that could grant the skill [Synthesis] he told me that the materials needed were very large and that the monkey squads would take at least 3 days to obtain them.

It also seems like his job as "High Crafter and Alchemist" gives him a special skill that grants him several crafting recipes, making the creation of items very easy.

"Is it possible to task me on getting some? What are the materials?"

"Well you see, the rarest one in my list is the Scorching Adamantite, a very rare rock find Volcano areas… Ukii…"

"Volcano areas? This is your lucky day, we were just going to the Volcano Hot Springs to kill the Flame Salamander Empress, and we will bring back tons of that material! Just you wait!"

"Hahaha, very well Master Kireina, I bid you good luck in your journey ukii!"

Afterward, I went to the Furniture and Carpentry leader Shokunin and found him with some blueprints in hand and the other monkeys handling big pieces of rocks and wood.

"Master Kireina, good timing, I recently crafted a plan to expand the cave sections, due to the recent new members of our community ukii!"

"Oooh? What do you have in mind?"

Shokunin showed me his blueprint and started to explain each step of the expansion. It seems that they are going to use brute force to break the cave walls and go deeper on the mountain; this will also give us a lot of mining resources like Iron and Copper.

"I see your point but aren't you worried over the whole cave falling over on us if we dig too deep?"

"This is why I have made another blueprint in advance, these will be strong Pillars made of concentrated rock and reinforced with magic, they will maintain the ceiling of the cave in place, here take a look"

"Ooh! I see how it is, very well then, keep going!"

"Wait! Master Kireina, I have constructed you this night table for your room, I hope you like it! Ukii!"

"Ah! Th-thanks, it will be very useful! (Not really)"

I packed some food in my Item Box and I headed out to the Volcano Hot Springs with Rimuru and Wagyu!

On the way I tested the new equipment skills, they were very interesting, when I activated them, my body would generate tiny versions of the equipment on my butterfly legs and would grant me the passive buffs of the equipment except for the extra stats. It reminded me of my Purple Crimson Horn.

[Red Gem Magic Ring: Grants +20% Fire Element affinity and resistance]

[Blue Gem Magic Ring: Grants +20% Water Element affinity and resistance]

[Seraphin Healing Bracelet: Heals 5% HP every 5 minutes, if activated, can cast [Basic Heal]: Cost 20 MP]

"I see… this is indeed quite useful, especially the Healing skill! I really needed something like this!"

"I see you are in a good mood Master Kireina!"


"Hahaha, yes it's because of my new healing skills!"

"I see-"

Suddenly, in the middle of the road, an incredible hot aura started to show.

"Ugh?! What is it?!"


Suddenly, more than thirty tiny Salamanders started to run to us, they were completely covered in fire, and because they were all packed together, an immense heat pressure was created.


"Geeeh, this pressure is unbearable… Activate Water Shield!"

"Resume Brain Share!"

[Brain Share Resumed]

"Uhh… what's going on? Let me sleep some more!"

"So you finally let us free… Eh? Gyyyaaaaah! Those are some disgusting Salamanders! Are those the Flame Salamanders?"

"Hahaha! It seems like the Empress has anticipated us and brought a whole squadron of Salamanders to intercept us, time to get serious then!"

"Alright, I leave the skills to you guys!"

"Rimuru, Wagyu let's go!"

Suddenly, as if they were acting as one, all the Flame Salamander started to combine their spells and shot multiple strong fireballs!



"Gaaah! What is this?! Tandem Magic? That's a cheat! Take this! WATER LANCE!"


A big Water Lance crashed on the Salamanders back but evaporated in mere seconds, causing very little damage!

"Ruooooo! Kill the demon!"

"Don't let him get closer to our Empress!"

The Salamander group started to multicast again, casting a big magic shield around them and massive fireballs!


"Master Kireina, the magic shield is too strong, we can't penetrate it with our long-ranged attacks! What should we do?!"


"Easy, we just break were they are standing! Activate BASIC EARTH FORMATION MAGIC!"


Out of nowhere, a big hole appeared to bellow the group of Salamanders causing them to fall in!

"Oh no! The demon has tricked us! This is our doom!"

"Do not give up yet, let's use that!"


"Tandem skill: LAVA ZONE!"



Suddenly, the earth trembled and the hole started to spit big amounts of lava-like a Volcano!

The big amounts of lava started to fall everywhere, starting a big forest fire! Also, a Lava Sea was formed on the battlefield.

"Guaah! What is this? This is insane!"

"Master Kireina! What do we do? We have never fought an enemy that can change the environment for his own benefit!"

"Guuu! Masta! Watch out…!"

Rimuru suddenly expanded itself and took me to its side, evading a big flaming stone falling from the sky!

"Th-that was close, there are so many projectiles falling from the sky that even my separate minds are having a hard time keeping track of them! How can these underlings be so strong? Is it because they're all together?"


"It's working! Keep casting flaming rocks!"

"Uuugh! I really didn't want to spend much MP for these filler soldiers, but if you really want to be massacred, don't ask anymore!"

"Activate MANA ZONE!"


A big Mana Zone was created above my head!

"Now! Combine every Water based spell! We will fight the environment with the environment!"

I started to imagine a big ocean, and increased the amount of MP used, combining countless water spells into a big water mass!


"I'll call this Poseidon's Rage!"

Suddenly, falling from the sky a big formation of water crashed on the Lava Sea, converting it all in solid rocks!


The water did not evaporate fast enough and made a huge lake right in the hole were the salamanders were!

"Guuaaahkk! Demon! Demon!"

The salamanders struggled but drowned within the strong water currents.

[You've gained 4450 EXP] [The rest of your party gained 2225 EXP]

[You've gained two levels!] [Level 8/30 EXP 1350/2450]

[The rest of your party gained one level!]

[Party Member: Servant Rimuru gained one level!]

[Rimuru level 8/20 EXP 1743/2400]

[Party Member: Servant Wagyu gained ON Level!]

[Wagyu Level 8/25 EXP 1136/2600]

"Hmpf! You get what you deserve!"

"Well done Master Kireina, we are sorry to have helped so little this time…"

"Don't worry, let's eat up some Salamanders and keep going!" 

The Flame Salamanders meat tasted like a boiled eel, because they died drowning, the heat produced by their bodies boiled the water around them. They had very tasty meat juices. Probably one of the few non-Emperor class types of meat that taste good in this forest.

[You obtained a new Title: Merciless Salamander Killer]

[You and your party learned the following Skills]

[Flame Salamander Spell Command]

[Flame Body]

[Mp Share]

[You've learned the following Skills]

[High Lava Affinity]

[Tandem Skill: Lava Zone: level 1]

"So I can create a Lava Zone similar to those bastards, I wonder if it will become useful in the future…"

"Let's keep going, Master!"

"Yes! Guu!"

As we crossed the forest, we saw multiple monsters running away from the fire, hundreds of monsters were losing their homes.

"Hmm, these Salamanders were pretty desperate to go all out on me and destroy almost the entire ecosystem of this forest…"

Inside my head, my Minds expressed their opinions.

"It's probably because they live in some Volcano so they couldn't care less about the Forest"

"Hmm… Salamanders tasted very good… I want more��"

"Hmm I agree, these Salamanders were quite unaware of what they were doing… We must put a stop to the Empress!"

As we passed through the forest, we did not found any more Salamander squads like the one before.

"Was that… all of them?"

"Master Kireina, the silence gives me a bad feeling…"


"Here we are, the Lava hot springs! It's really is a freaking volcano in the middle of a forest!"

Suddenly, a high pitched voice resonated from the Volcano peak.

"Demon, you have come…"

"Oh? Are you the Salamander Empress?"

A massive red-colored salamander with flames all over its back came outside the Volcano!

"Why do you call me a Demon? I am a stupid butterfly!"

"You are a Demon… a Demon from another world! The Wyvern Overlord is always right, he is the wisest being in this Forest!"

"Geeh! How did he know about my real identity?!"

"Master Kireina, you are from another world?"


"Haha, yeah, but keep this as a secret, for now, let's focus on the fight"



The Flame Salamander Empress started to talk in an ancient language and circles of magic started to appear around her.

"Do you really think that this fight will be as easy as the others? , the Bird Emperor was a fool that never liked cooperative work and was easily defeated by the Monkey, losing most of his power and even the ability to fly"

Even more Magic Circles started to appear all around her body.

"Just like the Monkey, I am very adept at high leveled magic, but I am different, most of my power remains intact… Activate circle magic skill: LEVITATE!"


The Flame Salamander Empress started to levitate in mid-air!



The Salamander Empress's massive body increased to double her size, all her stats and even max HP were boosted and hard red scales started to cover her entire sticky body.

Meanwhile, an incredible and empowering Magic Zone started to expand!

"Gaahk! What's going on?! My other spells are being sealed?! I can only use Fire Magic?!"

"Welcome to my Mana Zone, you will only be able to use Fire Magic here!"

"Th-this! What do I do?!"

My Energetic Mind started to yell at me.

"What do we do?! We fight! Close combat fight! Activating every physical boosting buff!"


"Hmm? Going for close quarters fight? Hahaha, give it a try then, Superior Fire Ball!"


"Here it is!

A gigantic fireball came right at me, if I don't evade it I will completely turn to dust!

"Mater Kireina we will support you! Let's go!"



With their physical boosting buffs activated beforehand, Rimuru and Wagyu charged right ahead of the Fire Ball and kicked it right back to the Empress!


"Wh-what?! How could you not be burned when you touched it?! Eh? Triple Elemental Being? Midnight Wolf Emperor?! They naturally have fire element resistance… This won't be so easy huh?"

The Salamander Empress called the rest of the Salamander Squads being lead by Kings and started to attack and pressure Wagyu and Rimuru.

Suddenly, a flash of dark light appeared behind the Salamander Empress!




"Hey! You are fighting against me! Don't worry, my servants will make sure to kill all your babies…"



A gigantic tornado went right at me and enveloped my entire body on it!

"GUAAAAAH! Th-this! This spell is of a much higher level than anything I have created before! What the hell?! Why there are such high power gaps between the Emperors?!"

I quickly used all my Pressure related skills and created a big shock wave that dissipated the Tornado, but I took quite a lot of damage!

"Not bad… But that's just as far as you go… Demon…"

Meanwhile in my head.

"Guaaah! What's with this old hag? Who does she think she is?! I am going to wreck her real good!"

"I can't use… magic… What do I do?"

"Everyone! Let's cooperate using physical skills, combining them to create combo attacks while Lazy Mind tries to crack the Absolute Fire Zone!"

"That sounds good guys, well done!"

I quickly went ahead and punched the Salamander Empress at max speed with Monkey Emperor Strong Blow! 


"Guuaak! What is your strength stat?!"

Meanwhile, a system message appeared on the Salamander Empress side!

[You have been inflicted with Severe Poison]

"Poison?! How?"

"HAHAHA! Now take this!"

Without letting the Empress have time to breathe I used Gale Bird Emperor Feather Projectiles, creating a myriad of feather bullets from my butterfly wings!


The Salamander Empress wasn't able to dodge in time and hundreds of feathers got stuck in her hard scales, worsening the poison and inflicting paralysis!

"GAAHKK! You damned Demon! Activate skill! SACRED FIRE!"


A white colored fire covered the Empress, completely erasing her status ailments and healing her a bit!

"Not going to let you!"

Suddenly, gigantic claws and fangs made of red energy surrounded the Empress and started to slash and crunch!



The Empress was blown away several meters from the battlefield, losing sight of her children.

"Uuughh! To think that she got such a high myriad of physical skills, she is even able to easily make combos! How many beings have this Demon consumed already? Unforgivable!"

The Empress started to exude an incredibly thick pressure from her body and went right in front of me for a physical attack!

"If that's how you want it, I'll intercept it!"

I activated Mountain Monkey Emperor Strong Blow alongside the older River Emperor and Wolf Emperor related attacks, creating a big shock wave.


Neither of us were blasted away, and we remained in the same position stuck in a fight for who could push the other!

"Grrrrrrrr! I got you! Fire Elemental Tornado!"




Using this precious opportunity, the Empress used a Fire Tornado right on my face, putting a heavy weight on my defensive buffs!

[You have been inflicted with Severe Burn Status]

"What?! Burn status! Ugh! Combined Pressure!"


The Fire Tornado was dissipated but I took heavy damage! The passive healing effect of my skill Seraphin Healing Bracelet was being very useful now, but not enough!

"Can I use Basic Heal?"

[System Error]

[The Skill: Basic Heal has been negated]

[System Message: While in Absolute Fire Zone you cannot use any Non-Fire related Magic Spell]

"This must be a bad joke! This is actually difficult! Ugh…"

"Lazy Mind, how is it going, can you crack the Absolute Fire Zone yet?"

"Ugh, this spell is extremely complex, it will take a while, resist for now…"

"No way…"

"Main Mind, we will help you as much as we can, we must stall for every second we can!"

"Yes! I am counting on you!"

"RAAAAAA! Myriad Claws!"

After using the combination of all my claw related skills so many times, I ended up naming them Myriad Claws for short.


"GUEEK! Still resisting, eh? I see that you do not possess any healing spells! Hahaha! , you will die in a matter of time!"



Thanks to the multi-tasking of my Cocky and Energetic Minds I was able to intercept the attack with Myriad Claws + Monkey Emperor Strong Blow.

"TSSK! You might have a higher strength stat than me, but that's it! Fire Elemental Tornado!"

"Agh! Not again! I must evade it!"

From inside of my mind, my Energetic Mind helped me out.

"Don't worry, I have these saved! Activate Crimson Wolf Emperor Strong Senses plus Big Bird Gale Wings!"

Suddenly, the usage of these completely unrelated skills in combination generated a very different effect!

"Ah! I can see the tornado slowly coming my way!"

My Butterfly wings were replaced with a pair of strong black colored bird wings, increasing my speed and with the combination of Crimson Wolf Emperor Strong Sense, I was able to easily avoid the Fire tornado!



The tornado clashed on the battlefield down below, messing up the Flame Salamander sturdy formations!

"GYAAAAAH! Mother Why?!"

"Well done, Master Kireina, hang in there for a little longer!"


"What?! My children! How?! You can even change your physical form?! You truly are a Demon! Demon! FLAME CLAW!"

"Myriad Claws and Jaws!"



With my new speed and senses I was able to intercept the Flaming Claw in time!

"Now take this you old hag! MONKEY EMPEROR STRONG BLOW!"


I was able to catch the Empress off guard and blasted her ugly face several meters away!


She quickly stopped mid-air and enraged, set her entire body on fire and started to throw big Fire Balls from her flaming body!


"What?! She can inflame her entire body and use it to create Fire Projectiles?!"

Suddenly, a strong blow hit me right on my back!



I was blasted several meters away, who hit me on my back was the Empress!

"How… when did you move?!"

"Hahaha! Fire Illusion! While in my Absolute Fire Zone I can use a special skill that let me make Illusions of myself! You got completely baited, bug!"

"Is she using the same tricks than me?! This old hag!"

"How is it Lazy Mind?!"

"Aagh! Do not pressure me! Still not yet!"

"Just hurry up or we all are going to die!"


"You lowered your guard, fool! FLAMING CLAW!"



The Salamander Empress sneaked an attack on my back, throwing me some meters away!

"There is no point saving this skill, Main Mind, Let's use the berserk mode!"

"If there's no other choice… Activate skill, CRIMSON WOLF BERSERK MODE!"


An immense crimson colored pressure started to exude from me, and my body size tripled! 

[You have entered berserk mode all stats increased, After This Temporal Buff Ends, You Will Receive a penalty in your stats]

"This is really… my last resort!"

"Aaah! Is that the Crimson Wolf Emperor special Berserk Mode?! You even ate such a beast like him! You must die Demon!"

The Empress flashed before me and as a flaming meteor clashed over me!


"Myriad Claws and Jaws!"



Suddenly, the Empress went all out and threw two Fire Tornados at me!



I was able to evade the first but the second one managed to catch me!



[System Message: You have entered a critical state, your hp is below 10%]

[Activating Special Berserk Mode Power, all stats increased for one minute]

"Eeeh?! Berserk Mode has such benefits?! Alright then! Activate Overpowering Pressure!"

Overpowering Pressure is the combination of my Pressure related skills.


"Burn to a crisp Demo-"



Using my new speed, I clashed right on the Empress stomach, making her vomit big quantities of blood!

"Aaaaaaah! Yo-you Demon…! You Demon! You will die! Uuuuaaahh! Flame Illusion!"

Flash Flash Flash

Suddenly, I was completely surrounded by a myriad of the Empress clones!




From below, a big lava mass started to rise up, absorbing the air and rocks around it and becoming even and even more massive!

"This looks bad! But I found you!"


"EH?! HO-"



I punched the Empress again on her injured belly, even more blood sprouted from her, covering my tiny body completely and deactivating her Lava Tornado!





A rain of red colored feathers started to slice the injured Empress, covering her entirely of slashes!

"If it wasn't for such a massive body… she wouldn't be taking so many hits… She has a very large HP pool… Now!"


I quickly went for her back again and blasted her to the ground with a Myriad Claws plus Monkey Emperor Strong Blow!


The massive body of the Empress hit the ground at max speed, creating an expansive shock wave that destroyed everything around her in more than 20 meters of range, leaving a deep pit!

"Ugggh, you damned Demon, it's going to take more than that to kill me!"


The Empress jumped from the ground at max speed, looking like a mad flaming meteor! It made an even more massive shock wave, destroying all her surroundings.


"Here she is again! Uggh, Lazy Mind, any update?!"

"At any moment now… just hang in there!"

Suddenly, the big flaming Empress came at max speed!


I intercepted her blow with Myriad Claws but it barely worked!

"Guuaakkk…! What's going on now? She became even more strong!"



"Damn it!"

I was able to evade the first one but the other two came from the back, as if the Empress was remotely controlling them!



[System Message: You are in a critical state, your hp is below 5%]

With such strong flames consuming my body, I felt how every part of my body slowly started to become dust!

"Am I… going to die…?"

However, right on this moment!

[Party Member: Servant Wagyu gained 2456 EXP]

[You and the rest of your party gained 1228 EXP]

[You've gained one level!] [Level 9/30 EXP 0128/2500]

[The rest of your party gained one level!]

[Wagyu level 9/25 EXP 0992/2650] 

[Rimuru level 9/20 EXP 0571/2450]

[Your Status has recovered]

"Aah! That was so close…! Combine skills, Overpowering Pressure!"


The two tornados that entangled me quickly dissipated!

"Master Kireina, we have successfully disposed of one Salamander squad!"


"Yes, I noticed that!"

"Hmm? You have leveled. How?! Are you in party with your slaves?! Wait, my children! Noo!"

"Main Mind, its ready, lets cast the spell!"

"Haha… it seems that we turned the tables completely on you Salamander Empress!"

Suddenly a big mana zone came out and started to grow bigger and bigger over my head!

"B-but how?! You can only use fire magic here!"

"That's why! I am casting a fire magic spell right now! Watch this!"


"Nullifying Dark Flame!"


Suddenly, a massive black flame started to expand all over the battlefield, nullifying the Absolute Fire Zone!

[System Message: Absolute Fire Zone has been dispelled]


"It doesn't matter, I will just cast it ag-"


Without noticing beforehand, the black flame expanded all over the Salamander Empress, completely nullifying her fire spells!

"Th-this was a hell of a fight, old hag. Nevertheless, this is my win! GATE OF BJARMIA! THIRD ACT: PANDORA'S BOX!" 

From the already made Mana Zone, incredibly dense amounts of magic started to flow outside, they were the same weapon shaped projectiles from before, but this time they were infused with big quantities of Dark Element magic!

"Dark Magic! You are truly a demon! Demoon!!! Demoooooonnnn!!"




The Empress was completely impaled by a myriad of countless weapon shaped magic projectiles, destroying and blasting every part of her massive body, from her limbs to big chunks of her back and completely breaking her head in multiple pieces. Her children watched the sky as their former mother now became a rain made of meat, blood and bones.

[You've gained 6785 EXP] [The rest of your party gained 3392 EXP]

[You've gained two levels!] [Level 11/30 EXP 1863/2600]

[The rest of your party gained one level!]

[Wagyu level 10/25 EXP 1734/2700] 

[Rimuru level 10/20 EXP 1513/2500]

[Your Status has recovered]

"Haah… Finally, I can rest now…"

"Mother! Demon! Gyyaaaaa!"

The rest of the Salamanders started to run away in fear, as if the death of their mother was not as important as saving their lives.

"Just let them go Wagyu, Rimuru… I am already feed up with these damned Salamanders…"

I slowly flew to the ground and opened my Item Box; I started to save the Salamander Empress surviving chunks of meat that were scattered around, I didn't even want to eat them yet because I was kind of disgusted by how she died. 

I remembered that I saved some Fried Chicken from the morning and shared it with my servants; we had a relaxing dinner close to the Volcano, but suddenly.


[You Have Received A Direct Message From Five Different Minions]

"What?! Open the first one!"

["Master Kireina, please hurry back home, a massive army has been spotted outside the cave, its being led by three Emperor Class Monsters! Please hurry up! The Monkey Squads just came recently, and they are preparing themselves for war! Please, hurry up! Ukiiiii!"]

"WHAT?! Three Emperors?! An Army?! Wh-what is going on?!"

"Master Kireina, what's the problem?"


"This is bad! Let's hurry back to the cave!"




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