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Another shameless author rating his webnovel with 5/5. Do you like weak to strong MC? Do you like contants struggles and almost impossible fights? Do you like Caterpillars? No? Thats fine! If you said yes to most of them or none, check out this novel, know about a very unfortunate otaku reincarnating into a caterpillar and being constantly toyed by a sick god. Experience his constant struggles to go on the top of the food chain, with a lot of ridiculous reactions and sick comedy, and a well developed and intrincating System!

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This book is great, while the genderbender protagonist at the beginning threw me off a little bit, the plot and action afterwards throughly captured my attention. Great fight scenes mixed with character growth (literally and emotionally). Also the authors naming sense for skills and monster is top notch. Love it.


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THIS IS SOOO GOOD, I love the way you write, looking like re:monster, a novel that I love, congratulations for such a great novel, I hope you never drop it


never seen such a unique novel the world of the novel grows at a good pace the worlds lore is interesting each chapter complements each other the authors implementation of the system was done very nicely BEST NOVEL SO FAR




The “Epic of Caterpillar” is the only novel written by its author (PancakesWitch) on Webnovel. The MC is a reincarnated human male who died because of a fever. And he was incarnated into a caterpillar! As a previous Otaku he managed to discover that there is a system in this new world. The system is actually in control of the world and its inhabitants. Through his new life the protagonist embarks on a journey to empower himself by evolving with the help of the system. Gaining many strong companions while establishing a kingdom. The novel is heavily influenced by Japanese isekai webnovels, anime, and manga. I’ve noticed many similarities between EOC and many Japanese isekai novels like “Re: Monster; Monster reincarnation chronicle starting after being stabbed to death” by (Kanekiru Kogitsune), “That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” by (Fuse), “The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time” by (Densuke), and “I'm A Spider, So What?” by (Baba Okina). The novel main structure is based on the novel “Re: Monster”. The analogy between the MC’s (Kireina) and (Rou) is very much the same. Both are always levelling up, evolving and gaining skills through devouring others. Acquiring tons of followers and obtaining wives and children’s. Doing all of this while building and expanding their own monsters’ kingdom. The only difference is the gender bending happened to the MC. Still I could not figure out the reason behind it or will it be something crucial later on in the future of events. In general the novel has its ups and downs but still captivating and entertaining. I always looking for what next to the MC and all of her followers and wives. Also how far can she expand the kingdom and what will be unfold in the relation with the higher beings. And who is controlling the system


One of the Best novels i've ever read in this site, why? You will know when you start reading it. ; ) i liked pretty much how the story developed so far.


there are to many loop holes in this story like how mc is to trusting and how his blessing effect can be shared to his subordinates its basically removing reason why he is unique tsk.


I understand that webnovel doesn’t have a very good system for gender bender novels, but since for most of the novel the mc is female, I think the book should be in the female lead category rather than the male lead one, though I’m not sure if it is possible for the author to change that after initially selecting the male lead option.


Honestly. I love the concept but the start of the novel is rough. Dialogue screams chunnybu and tonnes of overly convenient scenarios happen one after another. That being said the novel does pick up ALOT after a while and the story becomes enjoyable when the side characters realize they aren't in a low quality shounen manga.


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The writing is cringe and bad in the fist 50 chapters it switches between he and her randomly and there is so much sex its annoying and is not necessary to the story and the author makes the character a cold blooded killer to humans whith no mercy which is annoying and the whay the characters speak is not how you whould expect them to its like the author was trying to be funny and cute but it just came off as strange and not natural to the situation and the author is adding so many unnecessary details so its hard to keep track of which direction the auther is trying to take the story


Great story, the only issue is that the naming conventions are really offputting and having me constantly questioning what I am reading.....


It was good read waiting see how they other chapters are but so far keep me entertained wanting to read more help past time when bored nothing to do.


I think he is a great man who has 3been and I know that it 3was he would have to be a good guy to be with you and you know that you don't have a relationship with


All in all for me, this was an alright read up till chapter 79. It was a refreshing read, compared to other books I have read. However, it isn't really my cup of tea. To be honest I don't really have any problems with the book. I just don't like the MC much, the MC's values and my values just don't... Click. She is fairly annoying in my opinion, quite often, so it put me off. This isn't to say that the character is bad, I just don't like her. The story is from the MC's point of view so i don't like the story. I ended up wishing she would die towards the last few chapters that I read. So, I decided to do the mature thing and just stop reading. If you don't like something you don't like a something. Doesn't mean that thing is bad, YOU just don't like it. That you in this situation was me. However, before I left, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the book. It was easy to read even with a few grammar mistakes and thus, enjoyable. So give the book a try, you never know, it may just catch your liking. ^_^ Just so were clear this is a review of the the first 79 chapters nothing else.


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I read the first couple of chapters. I can't help but draw a comparison to "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (TSSDK))." Think of this novel as a juvenile version of TSSDK. The dialogs are cringy, and the MC is pretty similar to TSSDK with a minor variation like MC from slime to caterpillar, even some abilities are the same. There are many other parallels between the two from story to side characters to the system (Mystery Voice). All of this would have been fine if the novel was engaging, but sadly it is not.