Epic of Caterpillar

A young adult dies from a fever and is reincarnated in the World of Genesis, a world of swords and magic dominated by a strange and mysterious Game-like System as the weakest being, a Caterpillar! Gaining abilities from the monsters that she devours, Kireina uses her sharp adaptability and wits to overcome the odds against her in a world where everyone wants to eat her alive! As Kireina evolves and gathers a group of followers and subordinates, discover how our protagonist builds a monster Kingdom from zero, in a world dominated by Humans, terrifying Monsters, and arrogant Gods who only wish her death! In front of her enemies, there will be only two options! Will you obey me or will you be eaten? Over 350000+ Words available for FREE! You can check the Illustrations of the Novel's characters in the first Auxiliary Chapter!

PancakesWitch · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2315 Chs

One Hundred Days Birthday?

[Day 100]

Gaby's woke up way better today, perhaps she is slowly stabilizing the sudden growth of our children.

She even wanted to go hunt some more, but I stopped her on time, it's too dangerous to do such a thing yet.

I told her that she needs to remain on her bed until the babies are born, as they are very close to be. I can already estimate that in around one to two more days, she will give birth to the twins.

I've inspected their growth and sizes already, the small child is a boy, while the big child is a girl.

It seems that both are from different Mershark species. The little boy resembles the evolved species of her mother, while his big sister resembles a completely different species, having a greater size, and dark blue scales on her shark tail. Solely by her size I could already tell that she wasn't a simple Mershark.