660 New Class Change Session! 10: I Am Done With This!




Having 9.210 Subclass Skill Points left to spend, there should be enough for at least two more Classes…

The number of required Points is increasing exponentially as I go, but there might be certain classes that sometimes still end up costing little in between the expensive ones.

But because I can get Skill Point so fast and easily, it is simply better to go and take them all in order, as in a few more days, I will get back to a nice amount of Skill Points again.

Wait… that makes me think about something.

Can I use the [Law Breaker: Discount] in Classes Skill Points cost?

I tried it immediately, as I activated the Technique that I had just gotten from the new Merchant Class.

I really did not put thought into it up to this point, I was just thinking that it could only work in shop thingies, but aren't the Classes kind of something like a shop? After all, you exchange Skill Points for them, as if it were a currency.


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