1867 New And Useful Skills...





[The Effects of the [Demon Goddess of Lust's Succubus Arts: Lv1] were active through an intense and long night of sexual activities.]

[Your sexual partner has recovered from major wounds, their exhaustion has been healed, and they now feel much better… However, you've also drained them off 50% of their energies, which will recover quickly over time.]

"W-What did you use on me last night?" Frank felt slightly confused. "It was like a strange magic spell…"

"It was a spell that enhanced your strength in sexual intercourse." I giggled. "It was a bit of… help for you." I sensed a lot of Cosmic Energy gathered inside my body as well.

"But I even feel… stronger? My stats increased as well! And some of my Skills became stronger too…" Frank was shocked. "I can't believe having sex with you makes me stronger…"


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