1667 Great Growth For Just Crushing Some Bugs




I looked into my Status once more as I served everyone the food I prepared, the delicious meals were making them go crazy. Even the prideful Luminous was chomping down everything rapidly, and even Brunhild with her enormous body size was being satisfied with what she ate. I don't have a Giant Wife in Brontes or Nesiphae for nothing, I am an expert in feeding them.

…Ugh, just thinking about their names makes me cry! I miss my Nesiphae! She always pampered me and spoiled me! And Brontes too, she was always so dependable and strong!


D i n g!

[You and your Party have defeated [Giant Horned Mountain Black Beetle (C+ Rank)] x223]

[You Defeated [Titan Horned Mountain Black Beetle Goliath (B+ Rank)] x5]

[Calculating EXP earned…]

[You earned 7925000 EXP]

[Your Level has increased from Level 46 to level 47!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 47 to level 48!]

[All your stats have increased!]


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