23 Evolution Galore




Fallen Kingdom of Ollathir, now known as the Dark Nation: King's Castle.

Countless undead servants wondered around the castle, taking care of different task.

These undead servants resembled the humans that once inhabited this Kingdom, once glorious royalty with high social status and riches. But now, no more than servants to serve the mage.

A small undead girl, with deep crimson eyes and silver hair, dressed with a gothic black dress, came reporting her information to the mage.

"My Master, reporting in"

"Oh? What did you find?"

"Reporting in, the being called Kireina, the one who has slayed 8 Emperors and the first Troll army, according to our intel, possess countless advanced spells that does not fit with its race at all."

"Yes, I have figured out so much, anything else?"

"Yes, reporting in, the being called Kireina, possess advanced fusion spells that only a few Human Champion possess, the reason behind this is still yet unknown."

"W-What? Which spells?"

"Yes, reporting in, the being called Kireina, possess the ultimate spell "Overpowering Sun", which before it obtained it, it was the unique spell of Shining Sun Hero, Sol"

"H-How is it possible? I know that this being is a reincarnated demon, but to think that it's able to cheat the system obtaining advanced spells that were once unique to the blessed Heroes…"

"Yes, reporting in, the being called Kireina, also possess a myriad of variations of the spell "Gate of Bjarmia", although the spell itself is recognized by the System as an unique spell only for Kireina, it resemblance with the Wild Sea Hero unique spell "Sea Judgment" is notorious. Even more, this being has been able to create countless variations of this spell, combining different elements to it, something that a novice mage would never know how to do before hundreds of years of training"

"I knew that it could obtain skills and spells easily… but to think that it can fuse magic elements to create countless variations of the same spell, is it blessed by a god? That's impossible! It is nothing more than a bug! How could it be blessed by a god?!"

The undead girl closed her mouth and listened the mage's rambling.

"Haaahh… No matter how many strong spells you possess, I have been living in this world much more than you have, Kireina…"

"Master, do you have any more orders?"

The mage smiled maniacally.

"Hmmm… Yes… Now that I know what spells it has, it will be easy to deal with, bring me all the Goblin and Undead mages, I will personally engrave on their souls countless sealing spells"

"That demon won't be able to abuse its cheat spells like this, how much can it fight without them? Will it rely on its servants? Will it fight at close combat? Your road from now on won't be as easy, Kireina"

"Yes, my Master. I will be on my way"

The undead girl slowly walked outside the throne room.




[Day 25]

A pair of Spider Maids who brought Nesiphae armor and weapon woke me up early this morning; I completely forgot to tell them that Nesiphae changed her room.

"It does not matter, Master"

"Don't worry, Master. We will be on our way"


I slowly woke Nesiphae up, and showed her the new armor.

"M-Master…! This armor is perfect for me! I love the color and aesthetic, too! And this axe is so beautiful! I will be able to slay more enemies with this!"

Nesiphae quickly put her full suit armor immediately, refusing to take it out even on the dining room.

"I am a dark knight now!"

"I'm glad you like your armor this much, Nesiphae, but I don't recommend you to use it in the training grounds, and the heat is too much"

"What are you talking about, Master? A knight never takes its armor off! It's the pride of a knight!"


While we were enjoying a quick breakfast with my servants, the Troll group came out of their rooms with their new armors and clothes.

"Ah! Their clothes are ready?"

Truhan had a new silver armor on his entire body, it had beautiful details and decorations painted in blue, giving the impression of a royal knight armor, it included a majestic and massive silver shield strongly reinforced with magic. He also had a new black colored great sword, of around 3 meters long, fitting his massive body. Truhan strength is indeed recognizable, as he is able to wear such a long and heavy long sword with only one arm, while holding a massive shield on the other.

Celica's small body was not fitted for heavy armor, so we made her a reinforced chest plate, shoulder pads, gloves and greaves; of course, we also kept the beautiful skirt and stockings that were now reinforced with Flaming Adamantine coat. The armor was sturdy yet light, letting Celica move swiftly in battle, fitting her small size. The black colored reinforced stockings seemed too tight for her plump and smooth legs, which made them look cutter.

Zehe's black robe was once again like her older one, but made tighter around her hips and chest, increasing her erotic look. The robe also leaves almost her entire pale blue back nude; this also was applied on her chest, leaving the top and middle line of her breast to everyone's sight. Her dress extended with a sexy loincloth down her legs, leaving the hips around her thick legs exposed. Her feet were no longer bare as long black heels were included on the equipment set. On the top of her head, a big black Witch cap decorated her beautiful silver hair. Luckily, the monsters here didn't have any attraction to different species with the exception of me. She was holding a long, black staff, with the top decorated with countless magic gems, enhancing her element affinity.

Even though this whole dress seemed to have less fabric than the previous one, the stats were way higher.

Celica and Truhan quickly approached me, while Zehe slowly walked behind them.

"M-Master, this light armor is very sturdy, it's perfectly fitted for my small size… but these stockings are very tight… is it fine?"

"E-Eh? Of course its fine! Stockings are the perfect pair for a beautiful young girl like you!"

Celica quickly blushed over me praising her beauty.

"A-Ah, if Master says so…"

Truhan nodded, he also seemed excited about Celica thick thigs.

"See, Celica? Master agrees with me too! Stockings are the perfect combination for a beautiful young girl like you!"


Zehe slowly approached me.

"Master, thank you very much for this new outfit set, with this heat it will be very refreshing, I also love the new pair of heels and the staff"

 "Aah! I see… I am glad you liked them, Kusuri and Kajiya worked very hard with these sets, now not only the monkey Leaders have unique armor sets but you three too"

When the Trolls went to eat breakfast, I saw the slime group cheering over Luminous, it seems that she finally got her evolution too.

"M-Master! I've finally evolved! I feel very strong now!"

Luminous evolved to a new variant only for her, named "High Winged Angelic Slime", which specializes in light and holy magic, both in healing and in attacking. She also was granted a pair of angelic feathered wings, which let her fly. This unique evolution also grants her the ability to gain one point of Luck stat every five levels! That's cheat!

[NAME: Luminous

[CLASS: None

[RACE: High Winged Angelic Slime

[LEVEL: 1/35  EXP: 0000/3000  STATUS: Ok

[HP: 54/54  MP: 78/78  STAMINA: 98/130



[MAGIC: 81


[SPEED: 64


[LUCK: 1

[NEW SKILLS: [Angelic Holy Arts: Heaven Arrows] [Angelic Holy Arts: Saint's Shield] [Angelic Holy Arts: Status Heal] [Angelic Holy Arts: Shining Healing Light]

[NEW TITLES: [Little Holy Angel] [Angelic Holy Maiden]

Afterwards, the six Slimes decided to stick around with me today, because they felt as if I was leaving them aside lately. They don't understand that I have too many things to take care of, sigh.

While I was chatting with my Slimes, suddenly, a strong voice resounded on the whole place!



Suddenly, countless laughs greeted me, these voices seemed familiar to me.

"Eh? The Wyve-"

"Ahhh! You guys evolved!"

Right before me, five enormous Wyverns greeted my sight!

The biggest one, a red colored wyvern with a big crown made of horns on his forehead talked to me.

"Fellow Kireina! We have evolved! We have never felt this strong before in our lives! So this is evolution! At last!"

To Abellona's side, Aine and Adena had almost the same stature and color, but Aine had his face decorated with black markings and only one big black horn on his forehead, while Adena had golden markings and two golden horns on the back of her head.

"Fellow Kireina, this is all thanks to you! Without you, we would never be able to evolve this much"

"Indeed, evolving feels incredible, as if we have become completely different beings, our old bodies felt so rusty, it really feels good to change skin from time to time!"

According to Wyverns, when they evolve they change their skin, which feels extremely refreshing to them, as if taking out very old and nasty clothing's out of your body. I remembered that some types of reptiles also change their skin in Earth.

On the left side, Titus and Eshne looked very cheerful, as if Titus size wasn't big enough, his size doubled, becoming almost the same size as Nesiphae, meanwhile, the small Eshne didn't lose to his brothers and almost tripled in size, completely leaving aside its tiny size who he was very recognizes by the community for. Titus body color and structure almost remained the same; however, he gained countless spikes on his back. Eshne obtained three shining golden horns on his forehead, while his wings were covered in green feathers, having an angelic looking to him.

"Titus you are massive now! And look at Eshne! He's no longer a little boy!"

Titus grabbed Eshne's shoulder and laughed.

"Hahahahaha! I never expected my little brother to grow so big now! Evolution really bring wonders to us Wyverns!"

"Hmm! I feel so refreshed, Brother Titus. I can't thank Master Kireina enough for what he has given to us"

"Ah! Hahaha! It's nothing, really! I am glad you guys finally realized one of your goals"

According to the Wyverns, after evolution, their power almost doubled, and also their races become more defined, and not everyone was just called "High Wyvern", Abellona for example, became a "High Flaming Emperor Wyvern". 

Aine and Adena, because they were twin brothers evolved to the same race "High Elemental Emperor Wyvern", they told me that Aine had a strong affinity with dark elements like Shadow, Darkness and Illusion, while Adena had high affinity over light elements, like Light, Holy and Fire.

Titus, whom the Wyvern God of Strength blessed, evolved into a "High Adamantine Strong Emperor Wyvern", he obtained several physical and defense boosting buffs, with a myriad of new physical attacks. It wouldn't be crazy to think that he could destroy me in a physical fight, especially if you count the countless skills he had gotten while eating other monsters.

Eshne, because the Wyvern God of Nature blessed him, evolved into a "High Nature Spirit Emperor Wyvern", a Wyvern focused on controlling the rare Element of Nature, which lets him control and create plant life at will. With this evolution he also obtained a boost in almost all of his stats, becoming a very strong version of a jack-of-all-trades.

"Eshne ability is indeed very unique, we would be able to shape the entire forest at our will, and he will indeed become very important when we expand our Kingdom, I wonder if he could convince the Dryad Queen to be friendlier with me"

However, evolution news did not stopped there, as the Monkey Squad Leaders and Wolves did not want to stay behind!

All of them evolved into stronger variants of their original races, adding a "High" to every race name, surprisingly, their size also doubled.

Kizuato and Yukan'na, who have become strong war partners and close friends, evolved into "High Lord of the Mountain", obtaining a high Strength and Defense stat, if these two joined forces versus Titus, I wouldn't be able to tell the outcome. They have become quite the titans; they are honorable members of my Royal Guards. 

The evolution came with new skill evolutions, named [High Lord of the Mountain Attack Stance] and [High Lord of the Mountain Defense Stance]. They also got new classes named "Formidable Titan Warrior" a strong warrior class that can use heavy weapons and even dual wield.

Meiji became a "High Mythical Sage of the Mountain" becoming even more connected with the 9 spirits, and obtaining a special skill named [9 Mythical Spirits Summon] which let him summon a total of nine different spirits to aid him in battle! He had become such a strong Summoner; it really reminded me of those in F#### Fantasy! 

These nine spirits were the same as the ones I have, being able to level up and evolve on their own, the downside is that he summoned them in their baby stages, and there is a long road until they catch up with the rest of us. Nevertheless, because these nine spirits will stay outside from now on, our population increased by nine unexpectedly.

The nine Spirits were named:

The Water Spirit: Nymph, she looked like a younger Nereid, it had a timid personality, short blue hair and silver eyes.

The Wind Spirit: Sylph, it was another fairy, she was blonde and energetic.

The Earth Spirit: Pygmy, it looked like a small dragon, it had several brown horns on its forehead and adorable golden eyes, and it was very playful.

The Fire Spirit: Vulcanus, it looked like the Flame Salamanders but it was completely red colored, with a golden fire crest on its head, it was rather calm.

The Nature Spirit: Artio, she was a small bear cub with green markings over its body, with a small leaf growing on its head.

The Thunder Spirit: Brontes, it was a small cyclops girl with golden hair and several golden markings on her little body, although she looked like the most intelligent, she was very shy and didn't wanted to talk.

The Ice Spirit: Boreas, was a small bird, with light blue feathers and a blue tail, it liked to sing.

The Light Spirit: Aether, it was a small lump of light, it sometimes flew like a butterfly, but its real form didn't seem defined, it can understand commands but cannot speak.

The Dark Spirit: Hypnos, it was a small ball made of complete darkness, it had an eye on the center of its body, which it uses to attack casting hypnosis and dark spells. Like Ather, it can't talk.

"So many Spirits! Gaah! Good luck raising them, Meiji! I will leave some assistants for you later"

"Y-Yes, thanks Master… I never expected I would become a babysitter now…"

All nine little spirits followed Meiji whenever he went. Nymph especially was very annoying, resembling Nereid even more.

"Master! Master! Where are we going? Are you going to eat? What are you eating? When are we going to train? I wanna train! Let's go train! Master! Master! Let's go! Master!"

The little bird Boreas was peeking on Meiji's head, Brontes sometimes got lost around the halls, while Aether and Hypnos started to fight due to their opposite elements.

"Stop fighting! Agh!"

Goruden and Jinsoku evolved to "High Mountain Shadows", they became swift and slim, while obtaining even more shadow related skills, making camouflage easy, I decided to use these two as inspectors and messengers that would bring me information about the forest, inspecting things like the Dryad Forest or the Dark Forest, etc.

"These two guys are very useful, and will become essential in information gathering when we become able to get outside of the forest; they need to hone their camouflage skills even more by then"

Meanwhile, in the Crimson Wolves part, Kekensha evolved once again into a "High Golden Champion Wolf", his size tripled having the same massive size that Wagyu has, and he obtained new Light element skills and even some Holy element skills too. He reminds me of a Paladin class made into a Wolf, a very useful member to the whole community, using his experience to instruct rookies and being a formidable fighter on his own, now with its new power, he is on par with Wagyu and Rimuru.

Even though Tsuchimizu has been working very hard with Shokunin to expand our cave/castle, he hasn't slacked off at all in his training, every time he finishes helping Shokunin, he would rush to the training grounds to level up with its brothers and catch up with them. Even to the point of going alone in the night to train in the forest by himself, he is a very hard working Wolf, and a irreplaceable member of this community. Tsuchimizu evolved into a "High Mythical Sacred Spring Wolf" increasing his power over the control of Water and Earth, and obtaining new and strong magic spells.

Lastly, Kurimo (Kurimuzonhōn), the energetic Crimson Horn Wolf hasn't skipped a day of training, and even though his participation on the last war wasn't as big as Kekensha or Wagyu, he works very hard to catch up with these two, and won't give up. He evolved into "High Crimson Demonic Wolf", doubling his size and obtaining even more crimson horns on his head, his Strength and Speed stats are formidable, while also being quite good with Fire Magic.

The Ice Wolf Yuki already evolved some days ago, but she told me that her evolution was very close, and she told me that her evolution path would lead to a humanoid evolution, being able to choose a class. The rest of the weaker Ice Wolves also evolved to "High Ice Wolf Kings" and their power doubled, being very adept with ice magic. 

"I wonder if Yuki will evolve into a Wolf girl or a Werewolf girl."

Indeed, a very important question, but both outcomes are welcomed!

After finally inspecting everyone's new evolutions, we went to the training grounds and summoned around 800 Demonic Beings, this time a new Slime variant came out! This time it was a very weird one, because it didn't had the normal classic Slime form of the others, it was quite big and over its body, a living armor was mounting him!

"W-WHAT? What is this?! It looks almost the same as that Dr#### Quest monster! No way! He's so cool!"

Suddenly, a tiny and cute voice resounded from the slime.

"Hello, Master!"

After inspecting this new Slime body, his race was "Lower Living Armor Slime". It seems that the living armor is a creation of the slime himself, created by fortified minerals produced by the slime mucus, even if the whole armor is destroyed, a new one will grow later on, also, the armor is actually not alive but it's controlled by the Slime itself. He also told me that after consuming enough high quality metals, its armor can evolve with him, he is also able to equip any melee weapon. Even though the system does not qualify the Slime as a humanoid being.

Even if its stats weren't all that impressive, because this little dark slime had armor on him, its Defense and Strength increased by a fixed amount as long as he had the armor.

Because I run out of a fitting name for him coming from the Slime anime, I decided to name him Aloysius. 

Afterwards, I quickly introduced him to the Slime party that was still following me around; everyone was surprised about his little armor and they quickly became friends.

While training with my servants, I remembered that I left Nereid in my room, so I quickly went back to my original room, in the back of my throne.

"Nereid! Wake up already!"

"Ahh! Noooo! Leave me alone!"


"Gaaaahh! Nooo!"

I used Puppet Master and put Nereid in "Auto Training" until every mob were slayed. 

There was no time to slack off, so I quickly went back to the rest of my servants and we started killing mobs for hours, meanwhile, the slime group helped Aloysius on the basics of training and leveling up.

While training I noticed how Nesiphae was still using her dark knight armor, even though it was very heavy and the sun was quite potent today, she did not care at all.

"Sigh… She's still on the knight role-play… Nesi can be so childish sometimes…"

Suddenly, from my side, Kjata, whom I summoned previously, started to glow in a bright red light!


"Eeeh? Is he evolving? Is this how Spirits evolve? They are like Pok####!"


When the bright red light slowly dissipated, Kjata's armor body doubled in size, and this time its brilliant armor looked even more detailed, with its helmet possessing two majestic demonic horns.

This time, he was holding two flaming axes in each hand.

I quickly checked its stats window.

[NAME: Kjata

[CLASS: None

[RACE: Mythical Fire Spirit (Common)

[LEVEL: 1/35  EXP: 0000/3500  STATUS: Ok

[SPIRIT: 141/163 (Auto Regeneration)



[MAGIC: 56


[SPEED: 29


[LUCK: 0

[NEW SKILLS: [Dual Wielding Proficiency] [Flaming Axe Slash] [Explosive Smash] [Dual Fire Rush]

[NEW TITLES: [Dual Wielder]

"Ooh, he got a pretty min maxed stat line, and has Spirit instead of HP and MP, it also doesn't have Stamina, does Kjata even eat? Nereid can, but Kjata seems to not be able to, meaning, he can't get more skills…"

Suddenly, a serious voice came from Kjata flaming armor!

"Yes, Master. I am able to eat, even though I don't need to"

"Eh? You can. Why haven't u told me?"


"Ah right, Kjata is more like a robot…"

"Anyways, from now on, join every time we eat in the dinner room and ask for your ration of different meat food, you will obtain new skills this way, being able to grow stronger too"

"Understood, Master"

"Now, no time to slack off; go back to your training"

"Understood, Master"

Kjata started to slay mobs again, swiftly gaining exp.

"Sigh… for a moment I thought that Kjata would evolve into some kind of female spirit, I'm asking too much"

Afterwards, I continued slaying mobs. Since we all wake up way earlier, around midday every mob was slayed, so I decided to do the same as yesterday and take a little break while we eat a light meal.

[You've gained 27659 EXP] [The rest of your servants gained tons of EXP]

[You've gained four levels!] [Level 30/40 EXP 2828/7600]

[The rest of your servants gained tons of levels!]

The cooking assistants quickly brought several plates with delicious foods, including Icy Storm bird Karage, Mixed meat cheeseburgers and very cold Beer. This time, however, there was a new Beer on the menu! It was red colored, I had to definitely try it!

A little spider Maid brought me a big plate with different foods and the new red beer.

"Here it is, Master. Enjoy the food"


[Forest Cherries and Honey Sweet Beer: A special variant of beer, created by the talented Cook Chokumotsu, it was made by the fermentation of the sweet Forest Cherry and sweetened with Forest Bee Honey.

Effects: Grants +3 to Magic and Speed for the next 24 hour. Recovers 60 MP and 40 Stamina]

[You learned a new Skill: High Beer Affinity]

"Ah! So Choku did this. She is very talented!"

I couldn't wait any longer and drank the whole glass of Beer in one go!

Gulp gulp

"Haaahhh! It's so sweet! Its more like a Earth soda! However, you still have a little bitter after taste and the alcohol, it's so good! It's the best combination!"

Rimuru and the Slimes also enjoyed their meals, including the deliciously sweet Beer, which immediately become their favorite beverage.

"Aaah! Master, this is so good! I have never tasted something so sweet before, guuu!"

"I'm glad you like it, Rimuru!"

After having a comfortable meal with my loyal Slimes, I summoned 700 more Demonic Beings and continued the grind.

While I was on "automatic mode", I continued to peek on Zehe and Celica.

"Haahh… Those two are so cute…"

My minds inside my head couldn't believe how much a pervert I was being!

"Gaah! Stop glancing at them you pervert! What are you doing? They are more than just beautiful bodies!"


"Hahaha! I can't really say anything on this; I would probably do the same"

"H-Hey cocky mind! I know they are more than just bodies to look at! W-What's wrong with a little peek every now and then? I finally have beautiful humanoid ladies here, leave me alone"

While Kireina discussed with her annoying minds, in the distance, Zehe found herself on a predicament.

"Haahh… Seeing Truhan and Celica all lovely really frustrates me! I wish I had a partner too… However, who would choose me? I am such an old woman now… Master… I wish you could… But I am not a bug, how could she see me in other eyes, sigh…" 

Zehe stopped slaying mobs and peeked at Kireina, who was slaying mobs aimlessly on "Automatic Mode".

"Sigh… Master… S-Should I go accompany her like yesterday? But… Wouldn't that made me look like a creep? Well, she was ok with it yesterday… Should I? Y-Yes! I need to try it!"

Zehe filled herself with determination on conquering her unusual crush, and slowly walked to Kireina, pretending to be casual.

Meanwhile, Kireina was on a heated discussion with her minds.

"Agggh! Shut up…! Eh?"

I suddenly noticed that Zehe started to slowly walk towards me!

"Eeeehhh? (Zehe is coming! W-What does she wants? She wants to train with me like yesterday… No way! I need to be casual! Y-Yes! Stay cool! Chill!)"

When Zehe came close to me, she give me a warm smile.

"Ah, Master. I was getting kind of bored, mind if I train with you?"

"Eeeh? Y-Yes! I don't mind at all"

"(Yes it worked!) Ahem, so master, ah! I have noticed that you are quite talented with magic. Do you have any background? Did you have a teacher before? (Yes! That's a good way to start a conversation!)"

"Ah! B-Background? N-No… I have never had a teacher before… (I just tried to use magic here like it's used on games)"

"Oh? Is that true? Then, you must be incredibly talented with magic, Master! (That was a good praise!)"

"Eeeh? You think so? (I just let the System cheat for me most of the time…) M-Maybe you are right! I am quite talented myself! Hahaha!"

"Hmmm! You are indeed a very talented person, Master! I wish you could teach me on thing or two about the magic that you do"

"Oh? L-Like what?"

"Uhm… For example, your famous Mana Zone, it's a very incredible technique to be honest, I have never seen someone cast it with such ease, and even condense different types of magic inside of it, and you even made your servants learn such technique"

"Ah! Mana Zone… Well I created it when I wanted to combine magic, but I couldn't do it out of the blue, I first needed some kind of "recipient" or "bottle" were I can put the magic and then change its structure… It was quite easy when I had the mental image"

"T-The mental image? M-Master, to me, that sounds extremely complicated to figure! Impressive! You are indeed very talented in magic!"

"Aaahahaha… There's no need to praise me like that, but if you insist. Yes! I am quite talented!"

I spent the rest of the day training in company of Zehe, who was very talkative this time.

[You've gained 24995 EXP] [The rest of your servants gained tons of EXP]

[You've gained three levels!] [Level 33/40 EXP 4723/7900]

[The rest of your servants gained tons of levels!]

When we all were finished, we went inside to the dining room, were the food was ready on the tables and invited Zehe to eat with us.

Zehe seemed very nice to me. And was always looking at me with a warm smile, she looked very cute.

Until, the Beer stroke!

"Fufufu… Master… You are so cute… your wings are so pretty… fufufu…"

"Eeh? D-Do you think so?"

Zehe approached me and started to softly touch my tiny butterfly body, specially my lower abdomen!

"Hmm… So soft… Is master really a butterfly? C-Can I touch your wings?"

"Eeeh?! (T-This is too sudden, she is going for wings already!)"

"W-Wait a little bit, please! You are drunk, Zehe. Relax!"

"B-But Master… Is just a little touchy touchy…"


Zehe slowly touched my two wings, giving me a big stimulation all over my body!

"Kyyaaaaahhh! S-Since when were my wings this sensitive?! S-Stop Zehe!" 

After Zehe touched my entire body to her hearts content, my servants helped me take her off me, and I went to sleep at my room, while Nereid passed out so they sent her to my old room.

Skill fusions of the day:

[Trash Belly] + [Steel Belly] + [Silver Belly] = [Insatiable Demonic Void Belly]

[Iron Teeth] + [Mountain's Holy Swan Strong Golden Beak] + [Adamantine Belly] = [Insatiable Shadow Teeth and Belly]

[Insatiable Demonic Void Belly] + [Insatiable Shadow Teeth and Belly] + [Intoxication Resistance] = [Resistant Insatiable Demonic Teeth and Belly]

[Basic Illusion Magic] + [Fake Body Illusion] + [Poisonous Illusion Mist] = [Shadow Vampire Empress Poisonous Illusion Mastery: Creation and Manipulation]

[Basic Ice Resistance] + [High Ice Resistance] + [Big Horned Snow Rabbit Fur Creation] = [Shadow Vampire Empress Fur Coat]

"Fur coat?"




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