320 All Creation & Mirage Magic




After fusing Skills, the mental fatigue that I received was too much, making me fall asleep while I was in the middle of a game with Mady, Nesphiana, and Adelle.

It seems that I overdid it… Because I ended fusing so many skills, probably hundreds of skills that I've been saving up just for this very moment, I let myself go loose for a little bit.

These new skills… Are quite strong, and their effects were more than just "as simple skill". It was as if they were alive… especially these demon skills, the Calamity Abyss Demon Skills, which were the Tails, Head, Arms, and Jaws. Much like my armor, it as if they had a small consciousness of their own, and called for me to satiate their hunger.

"Feed me! I hunger! I hunger! I want souls!"

"Feed me, souls! I want souls, all of them!"

"I want to destroy, destroy everything! And then devour! Devour the flesh of my slaughter!"

They were quite wild.


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