1687 [Primordial Chaos Phantasmal Nightmare Butterfly]





[You have evolved into [Primordial Chaos Phantasmal Nightmare Butterfly]!]

[You received the [Divine Protection of Chaos, Primordial Deity of Chaos]

Huh? What the heck? I got mom's divine protection again! Wait, does this means she found me here? Maybe I could talk to her somehow and-

"Uwaah! She's even bigger now!" Said Ariant.

"She's kind of scary…" Eriant said.

"Kireina, are you alright?" Asked Luminous.

"Ugh… Yeah. Am I too big?" I wondered. "Well, I'll stay like this for now, it is better than a small form. This thick armor will protect me well~"

"You've evolved into an even bigger and tankier butterfly now… I never thought you could look so metallic." Said Fiere.

Now that I see myself I do look more like a mech butterfly than anything else. Well, the more defense, the better protected I am.


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