Epic of Bee

Upon dying an unlikely death, Ash, a man was transported into the body of hatching Queen Bee. He was also given something called The Queens System, but all is not well after being transported. Ash will be forced into a fight for her life because he is no longer a male, and his mind is telling him that he must kill the other virgin queens or he would be the next to die. This is a journey of one lost soul's journey to find themselves and slow break out of their shell. AND IT'S ABOUT BEES! Plus, many other amazing humanoid races with no hoomans! Lots of information? Too many name? What was that Gene? I got you covered! Look up Epic of Bee Guide! SPECIAL THANK FOR HELPING WITH THIS NOVEL: Grangel- always full of great new ideas! EvilGod- Always there to catch my mistakes and puns! Discord: https://discord.gg/hQHJrZCYZu

Magic_ · Fantasy
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Bringing Color Back Into The World

This was the first bit of good news that I had gotten since I got here. Parts with Messia don't count as news, but they were also very good.

"So, there are more advanced people? Like how advanced are we talking about?" I asked.

What I wanted to do was start asking if they had this and that, but my curiosity held me back. I wanted to know what they considered advanced because that might not mean the same thing as what I thought.

"That isn't something I know anything about. So, there is no point in me trying to talk about it, but my daughters Miku and Xani are the smartest pairs in the village. I will introduce you to them, as I show you to the place you can stay until we can make you something better," Thiamon explained.

"Thank you very much for everything," I said, nodding my head to them, and they both smiled.

"You are really refreshing, you know," Gargus said as Thiamon walked around to lead us back out.

"What do you mean? Compared to the maniac that runs the hive? I hope so, but I also hope that she doesn't bother you on my account," I said, meaning it.

That would be the worst thing, to have the bees come and attack this village, hurting all these adorable people. Uck, no, just the thought left a bad taste in my mouth.

"That's just it, we live under her grace even though we can't pay the pollen tax. She sends one or two now and then, but as you can see we are just green here no beautiful flowers, or wonderful flowering vine trees and grass. Maybe with you five here, the world will become colorful again!" Gargus called out as we left.

Once back outside, Messia took my hand and leaned over to me.

"Very well spoken, I can see that you really don't need my help with using your tongue," Messia whispered to me, but then leaned away and pulled me along with the group.

I let myself be pulled along, feeling hot from that comment. It was a reminder of the bath to come, but I pushed it down with thoughts of dead puppies and naked grandmas.

I had seen neither, but just the idea of it was enough to let me focus on the group. Thiamon was pointing out the very few non-living huts, and I was surprised to see that most were to do with food.

"Inside here we have the Cockatrice Egg farms, I would take you in, but the girls will have to make your custom suits. They lay many eggs every day for us, but if the buggers look at you, touch or even breathe on you without a suit, and you're stoned," Thiamon explained with a smile as he pointed at the biggest hut in the village.

"Petrified? So, what? Then you're dead? Quite the deadly food supply!" I commented as we continued on, but Thiamon chuckled.

"No, we just have to head north to Kiabur Forest and get a special plant just from Antten City, home of the Ant Folk. They are pretty busy body type but like to trade if you know where to go, and what you're looking for. Not really the type of place to go sightseeing," Thiamon explained, as we walked up to the next hut.

I wanted to ask more, but I was distracted by a smell I loved and another that I was alright with. The smell of smoke, but the apple cherry wood kind you might use to smoke fish, which was the second smell.

I had noticed a river off in the distance, so there must be fish there. I understood food was important, but all the village did was get and prepare food from what I had seen of the other skinning and cleaning huts.

"What's with all the food? I asked as Thiamon pulled back the hanging grass door.

"We need to eat often, about five to six times a day. So, we need to be prepared for the winter months when we migrate underground," Thiamon explained while waving us in, but I was starting to get itchy near my second butt, and the edges of my body covers.

"You can show the others around, but I need to get my Queen to somewhere more private to groom," Messia said as I started to scratch, but she took my hands.

"Yes, just over there is the hut, are you fine or do you need me," Thiamon tried to ask, but I was already being pulled there.

The itching was starting to get to me, but I concentrated. There was that other thing that needed to be done; Queeny?"

[System] Activated!

[Hive Points Available] 3.

{Would you like to use this point} Yes/No?


{Select a target}


[New Subject: Messia] Acquired!

{Maid} Or {Caregiver}?

I stopped there, this was why I wanted to wait. What the hell were these choices? And what could I do to get a third choice?

I was pulled inside, but I wanted to know if there was something I could do.

'You must let her complete a task first as the others did,' Queeny explained.

The room had one large bed in it, and I was taken over to it by Messia. Once there, Messia held my second butt to help me get into bed, but I also had to watch my wings as well.

Once I was finally on, and the itching was almost more than I could take, I looked up into her eyes.

"Please wait till after, or I will have to give you a stupid class, and I don't want that. You need to clean me first if that's okay," I asked, but Messia was already smiling and advancing on me.

"Can we help you clean the Queen?" To unfamiliar voices asked from the doorway, making us both turn to look.

The beautiful Ferret girl and a copy of her stood in the doorway of the hut, both looking between the two of us. What the hell was going on here?

"Umm," Messia hummed, looking at me. "Will it work if I have help?"

I blinked at her.

'Yes,' Queeny answered in my head.

Oh good lord, what heavenly realm had I been born into?


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