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Enter of Adventure


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A number 1 player in Indonesia had to lose his account because it was hacked by someone else. His account was used by that person to participate in International tournaments in Esports. Not only that, now the avatar has been changed by that person and used as that person's avatar, the nickname is changed and the class is changed, even until the world recognizes that the account belongs to that person. Daylon Kenzo decides to return to play, but he has his problems. Will Daylon Kenzo be able to show that he can re-conquer the ENTER OF ADVENTURE game with his experience skills? Or, even worse with the absence of the game's secret system, which has now been removed by the new company owner. "Ah, what a hassle. Player Pay to Win, troublesome! Ah, this bad. I hope, I did it... I did it again. Anyway, troublesome! Old grandpa, troublesome! Everyone, troublesome!"


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