Entangled With The Dukes Of Death Book

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Entangled With The Dukes Of Death


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"From today onwards, I'll be your guardian angel" He said, his cold eyes, dominating. "Why?" That was all she could ask "Because it's my punishment. From now on, we're cursed to be together" His words were cold yet breathing taking... **** Wu YiMing is born with the ability to see when one would die. Looking at their chest, only her could see the timer, see as their last two minutes dropped...and dropped, until their death came... Living an introverted and colorless Life, she was afraid of even interfering in their deaths, but when she finally took the step of stopping a death and dying in place of her friend, her life became entangled with two "Death - Figures" after returning back to life... ***** A slight mistake bounds the cruel Grim reaper with the introverted, Wu YiMing who now sees ghost. Although he hates the fact, he has no choice but to receive the punishment of being her "Guardian Angel" **** Wu YiMing had seen him drawing or always writing on his private book. He was her senior, the mysterious guy whom she had a crush on. Yet, coincidences arises, for as he got busy with his book... People died.. And when she finally asked, she found out he was DEATH himself. **** "The moment I looked into his eyes.The moment I allowed him to protect me.The moment I tried getting into his dark world.The moment I tried helping him.The moment I let my heart waver for him... These were the moment I knew that my life would never be the same again... Note: Daily updates! Cover isn't mine


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