1 Hi Must Read

Dear readers,

It's meee ashley XD I decided to do a book on ENHYPEN oneshots, mainly them getting injured or sick, not that I want them to be but, this may sound pathetic, but I want to feel like there is people concerned about me :/ I'm sowwy. Hence the book is mainly sickfics, hurtfics and maybe oneshots x reader once I run out of ideas HAHAAHHAHA lmaooo. But yeah, i hope you enjoy, cuz ENGENEs want to know how it feels like to be taken care of by our enhypen, right XD

Thanks to everyone who read the book, although pardon my lopsided english :)

KKKKKK back to the book <3 engene yeorobun saranghamnida gomawoyoo

p.s. Feel free to drop me a comment for requests, via email ashleytan2012@gmail.com or my instagram @en_yjw04 or twitter en_yj04 thankiewww I will try to update everyday.

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