10 Returning to the Wu Tan City

--- Chapter 10 ---

Baek Ain and Lan Rou moved in darkness to Wu Tan City, speeding against the night's breeze. Usually, Dou Masters like Ain wouldn't be allowed to travel at night because of the chaotic nature and unknown variables such as other cultivators.

You have to wait and rest in a place hidden from the naked sight or senses. And with Lan Rou around, it shouldn't be a problem.

It's not miserable, though. Baek Ain could see in the dark by enhancing his eyes with Dou Qi and sensed everything within 150 meters with Sixth Sense, which is his limit currently. More than that, he'd depend on the Lightning Impulse to dodge any incoming projectiles.

Thank god, there is no such thing as a sniper in this world. And people who use bows are rare too.

Using Hyper Jump to maintain his distance from Lan Rou, Baek Ain recalled when Alicia(the system) shared a recording about Lan Rou's domination against the Shady Baboon after he fainted.

'Instructor Lan's speed is insane. I couldn't even see her clearly without slowing down the footage eight times.' A wry smile appeared on Baek Ain's face because he had many things to do if he wanted to chase Lan Rou's level.

'Alicia, open my status.'

[Opening Status]

[Name: Baek Ain]

[Race: Human]

[Age: 14(Irrelevant)]

[Blessings: The Golden Crow & White Tiger]

[Innate Skills: Breathing(B), Synthesize(B+), Soul Protection(Unknown)]

[Active Skills: Hyper Jump(B), Iron-like Enhancement(C+), Energy Blast(B), Stealth(C+)]

[Passive Skills: Energy Mastery(B+), CQC(B+), Pain Resistance(B+), Poison Immunity(C), Blade Mastery(C+), Hidden Weapon Mastery(C), Minor Healing Factor(B), Sixth Sense(B), Lightning Impulse(A)]

[Cultivation: 4 Stars Dou Master]

[Martial Techniques: Tiger Lashes Kicks, Three Breakthrough Punches, Silent Shadow Steps, Seven Star Blade Art]

[Body Technique: Blood Tiger Muscle, Unrecorded Body Tempering Technique]

[Cultivation Technique: The Record of the Burning World(Incomplete)]

[System Notice: Secret Skill: Golden Crow's Possession is part of the "Record of the Burning World."]

Baek Ain looked at his status somewhat proudly but soon realized this meant nothing against the true powerhouses of this world. He hasn't really stepped outside and put himself in a comfortable cage.

He didn't even bat an eye when seeing progress in his cultivation. That one-star advancement doesn't make him happy in the slightest.

Clenching his fist, Baek Ain used "Breathing." and absorbed the Dou Qi in the air. He will train more vigorously from now on.

'Well, he's motivated.' Lan Rou thought when sensing the Dou Qi from Baek Ain's body.



They arrived at Wu Tan City an hour later, seeing a bustling city street filled with people. Baek Ain frowned because the city shouldn't be this busy at the time of the year.

"Ah, Jia Ma Academy's Testing Group finally arrived." He realized the reason behind the city's brightness a second later.

Baek Ain focused his Sixth Sense and checked everyone in the street, seeing Xiao Yan and Gu Xun'er enjoying the night market. He shook his head because the protagonist and heroine had a nice moment.

If Baek Ain wanted to surpass them, he had to train more.

Returning to the Miteer Family Branch's Compound, Lan Rou immediately brought Baek Ain to the Yafei's office. It was a building on the corner of the compound, having a clear view of Wu Tan City.

They entered the room and saw Yafei sitting on her seat, drinking a glass of wine.

"Welcome back, Ain." Yafei greeted him with a smile.

That smile is definitely not the smile she usually has.

Lan Rou kneeled on the floor and followed by Baek Ain, "I heard you were calling for me?"

Yafei nodded and placed the wine glass down, resting her chin on the back of her palm. "Yes, but before that. I heard you almost died in the Hidden Beast Forest?" She responded with a low voice.

"Getting ambushed by 3rd Rank Magical Beast."

"And someone only stepped up when you were basically breaking all the bones in your body." Her blue eyes focused on Lan Rou.

Lan Rou hung her head down and replied, "It was my fault, lady. You can punish me all you want, but please let Ain be."

"Of course, it's your fault. I'm giving you a task to train and protect Ain, Lan Rou." Yafei indifferently returned. "Baek Ain isn't just a recruit. He's a good seedling that the Miteer Family invested, wanting him to be one of our last defenses of protection. His talents are even better than the Ice Emperor..."

"And he almost lost his life because of your curiosity..."

Beak Ain sighed and interrupted, "Big Sister Fei, I know Instructor Lan is in the wrong here, but can you lessen her punishment? She still protected me from the Magical Beast, after all."

"I'll also pay for the recovery pill with another business proposal. Is that okay?"

"Ain... You don't have to." Lan Rou was speechless but felt touched by his care.

Beak Ain winked his eyes at Lan Rou and whispered, "Leave it to me."

"..." Yafei rubbed her forehead in defeat. This young man has never made a request before. He trained and lived peacefully in the compound without uttering any complaints.

Facing Baek Ain's calm hazel gold eyes, Yafei puffed her cheeks and replied, "Fine."

"Lan Rou, I'll cut your pay for two years. Your position as the Squad Captain will also get revoked into a standby member of the Shadow Guard until further notice."

Lan Rou's eyes widened as she expected Yafei to cut her arm or something, and demoting rank is not even a punishment because it doesn't affect her. Indeed, she couldn't access some information and resources, but that's it.

"Your only job is to train and assist Baek Ain from now on," Yafei added casually. "You'll be his partner for the upcoming mission."

"Hmm." Baek Ain wasn't surprised by this news.

Yafei looked back at Baek Ain and continued, "After hearing the report from other squad leaders, I've decided to give you the first mission as the shadow guard."

"Don't worry. It's not a dangerous mission because you only have to gather information about a rogue alchemist. His name is Xiao Che, and our last tail spotted him in the city a hundred miles away from ours."

"He has been spreading bad rumors about Miteer Family Auction House, even slandering our distributor about their products."

"Are you good with this mission? Of course, you can catch Xiao Che if you can."

[Ding! You have triggered a mission]

[Name: Rogue Alchemist]

[Objective: Catch Xiao Che alive(0/1]

[Penalty: Miteer's Auction House sales down by 20%]

[Time Limit: A week]

[Reward: Yafei's affection +10% and 1x Random Beast Flame]

"I'll take this mission." Baek Ain nodded in confidence.

Yafei smiled and ordered Lan Rou to leave them alone. She walked closer to Baek Ain and pulled him into her soft hug, leaving him stunned for a few seconds.

"Aih, you don't know how worried I am." She worriedly whispered while brushing his hair. "Bedridden for five days, and you didn't even write a reassurance letter for me when waking up."

"Big Sister is sad."

"Ain, are you playing around with my heart?" Her face is an inch away from Baek Ain's.

'Fuck! Why did I have to be a virgin in my past life!' Baek Ain cursed in his mind. What the hell was he supposed to do in this situation?

[Kiss her] Alicia commented casually.

'Are you insane?!'

[Trust me, Kiss Her!]

[The Love Seed sowed when you two met months ago. It doesn't bloom because none of you took any initiative to step up this relationship]


[Don't lie and says you don't have a feeling for her, host]


[Do it!]


[Ding! You have triggered a quest]

[Name: First Kiss]

[Objective: Kiss Yafei(0/1)]

[Penalty: Dirty Virgin's Passive]

[Time Limit: 60 seconds]

[Reward: A Random Skill]

'Oy! That's unfair!' Baek Ain couldn't believe this system.


Looking at Yafei's beautiful face plastered with a worried expression, Baek swallowed his guts and hugged her back. He lifted Yafei's chin gently and kissed her.



"Ah, A-Ain~!"

The room is "slowly." filled with lip-smacking sounds, warming the mood between Baek Ain and Yafei. Their heads felt empty for some reason.

And the firework in the background makes this moment even more special.

"Fei." Baek Ain called her name for the first time without an honorific.

"Ain." Yafei blushed bashfully.


And the night goes on with lovely passion.

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