53 Alchemist Grand Meeting Begins!

--- Chapter 52 ---

"What? Alchemist Grand Event?"

"That brat wants to play around with kids of his age... His skill exceeded that of an old alchemist, but he liked to bully them around, huh?"

"Well, there is no loss here."

Hai Bodong heard Yafei's request to put Baek Ain's name under Miteer Family's contestant for the Alchemist Grand Event. He was honestly surprised Baek Ain wanted to join such a competition.

That brat must have a reason.

What a time to brag about the Miteer Family's greatness. Hai Bodong can make the royal family and Alchemist Association run for their money.

"Kekeke~!" Hai Bodong grinned wickedly.


In the White Goose Castle.

"What the fuck?" Baek Ain awkwardly shuddered when dipping himself inside a medicine bath. His Sixth Sense is ringing out of annoyance.

Someone is plotting something against him.

He rubbed his forehead and sighed, leaning on the bathtub's wall with a weird sensation. He stared at the ceiling and mumbled, "Is it the Goddess of Opportunity again?"

[That's impossible, host] Alicia commented monotonously.

[If the Goddess of Opportunity meddles with your life and issues such a thing, the system would have noticed it already. Further quest will cause the balance of this world to crumble]

[That's why three quests per two years are the constellation's limit.]

[More than that will trigger the "Unknown." karma]

"Unknown?" Baek Ain tilted his head in confusion.

[The "Unknown." is a mysterious entity that kept everything in order]

[An entity with no name but immense power. Even constellations and other beings are afraid of the "Unknown."]

"Damn..." Baek Ain was amazed.

"Should I be afraid?"

[Technically, no]

[With your pitiful little existence and strength, even "Unknown." won't pay attention to you] Alicia answered with a dab of sarcasm.

"..." Baek Ain.

"I felt insulted, even though it's true..."

Baek Ain didn't know how dangerous the universe was out there. The alternative universe of Battle Through the Heaven is causing a problem for him already, so facing god-like entities is something he can't achieve at the moment.

Well, this world is decent for his foundation and growth.

If Baek Ain transmigrated into a dangerous world such as Worldhammer 40K, he was "literally." done for. And there are thousands of other bullshit universes out there.

"Walk on the path of Dimensional Conqueror, eh? I couldn't even bend space yet."

[Don't be too pessimistic, host]

"Sure, sure..." Baek Ain laughed while falling into the dream world.


Tap! Tap!

A sound of gentle steps entered the bathroom.

Baek Ain opened his eyes slightly and saw Qing Lin in somewhat see-through clothes walking toward him. He shut his eyes again and panicked because Qing Lin was a minor.

"W-What are you doing, Qing Lin?"

Qing Lin blushed and answered, "I want to wash your back, Boss Ain."

"Um... Lady Yafei told me to help you."

'Fei!' Baek Ain was speechless.

Qing Lin nervously stood on the tiled floor. She's wearing clothes similar to a modern bathrobe, and her long green hair is "neatly." tied in a bun, which makes her cuter than usual.

"I-I'll start." She looked around the room and noticed a scrub on the floor, grabbing it quickly.

Baek Ain wanted to refuse, but knowing how stubborn this girl was and how she would be discouraged from getting closer to him, he could only accept her little help.

As long as they didn't go further than scrubbing his back, nothing awful should happen, no?


Baek Ain sighed inside and uttered, "Go ahead, Qing Lin."

"Leave it to me~!" Qing Lin excitedly strode to Baek Ain and slipped as the floor was wet. She fell on Baek Ain's back and pressed her well-developed bosom against it.

Baek Ain felt a stretch on his lower region and cursed because he wasn't into younger girls. He breathed in and tried to calm himself, but Qing Lin's nature didn't make it any good.

Qing Lin is young.

And she's also careless.

"Mm~!" She sloppily rubbed her bosom on Baek Ain and released a muffled groan.

Baek Ain's ears became slightly red as he said, "Use the scrub! The Scrub!"

"Fweh! Ah, yes. The scrub." Qing Lin gulped while reaching over the scrub nearby. She dropped it earlier.

Qing Lin clumsily scrubbed Baek Ain's back and was entranced by his manly muscle. Unlike teenagers in this cultivation, Baek Ain developed quite a physique with his Unrecorded Body Refining Technique.

And White Tiger's Blessing pushed that forward even more.

White Tiger's Vigor is hard to control, and Baek Ain spends time with Yafei and Lan Rou daily because of it. As he becomes more powerful, his libido grows alongside him.

"Boss... Qing Lin is-!" Qing Lin whispered huskily.

Baek Ain abruptly lifted himself off the bathtub and covered Qing Lin's eyes with his left hand. "Okay, let's stop here. I've absorbed all the medicinal properties in the bath." He said while pushing her out.

"Thanks for the help, Qing Lin." He added as he slid the door close.

"Eh?" Qing Lin stood out of the bathroom, staring silently at the wall.

Baek Ain wiped the sweat off his forehead and mumbled, "I like Milf."

"Yes, Milf."

"You're an adult in mind, Ain."

"Also, you! Stop getting hard..." Baek Ain looked down wryly.

[What a shame] Alicia commented casually.

[The age of consent in this world is way lower than in your previous world, host]

[There is nothing wrong with-!]

"Stop there, don't tempt me, Alicia."

"If I want to form a deeper relationship with Qing Lin, she has to be an adult first."


"I'm not a lolicon, fuck you."



The next day.

At the Alchemist Association, almost everyone wants to see the Alchemist Grand Meeting gathered in a vast white colosseum-like location. The seats are "literally." filled with people of various ages and backgrounds, but they have one thing in common.

They are alchemists or people who dreamed of becoming one.

Fireworks launched in the sky, celebrating the event grandly.

In the middle of the arena, one could see a yin-yang-shaped altar with several rock tables. These tables are "purposely." arranged to face a row of seats for the analysts, starting from Alchemist Association, Misty Cloud Sect, Imperial Family, and other Noble Clans.

Of course, the judge is still the Grand Alchemist from the Alchemist Association. They held this competition to decide the new star in the alchemy field within the Jia Ma Empire.

"This place is crowded." A young man stood before the farthest table. He has medium-length black hair swept slickly to the back and pitch-black eyes, wearing a brown-colored alchemist robe to cover his whole body.

This young man is Xiao Yan, who just returned to the Jia Ma Empire.

He wanted to test his alchemist skill after gaining a 3rd-Tier Badge months ago. Well, this competition shouldn't be a problem for him.

After all, he has a literal alchemy saint on his back.

"Those elders look strong..." Xiao Yan moved his gaze to the judge's seats.

"Also, Nalan Yanran."

"To think I'd met her here."

A familiar pink-haired young lady sat on a row designed for the noble clan in Jia Ma Empire. She exuded an aura of nobility and superiority, making Xiao Yan's blood boil in annoyance.

"Just you wait..." He mumbled to himself.

On the opposite side of the altar, Baek Ain leaned on the table and yawned out of boredom. He looked around and noticed Hai Bodong grinning from ear to ear.

"Tch, he's planning something." He looked away, giving the cloud in the sky all his attention.

Hai Bodong glanced at the person in the Imperial Family's row and boastfully said, "Hey, old monster. Wanna make a bet?"

The person in question is the old ancestor of the Jia Ma Imperial Family, Jia Xing Tian. He's a white-haired elderly with a stylish-looking beard and purple tunic.

"Tch, you returned to the Imperial City and provoked me already." Jia Xing Tian smiled, happy to know Hai Bodong was alive.

"An old bastard like you should have rotted on the corner of the magical beast forest."

"What did you say?" Hai Bodong smiled back and returned. "Just said you are afraid of a challenge."

"Who's afraid?" Jia Xing Tian released a dim golden light.

Hai Bodong countered with his Ice Dou Qi and commented, "Then, it's a deal."

"I bet my sponsored alchemist will win this tournament and make your granddaughter cry."

"Hmph! My granddaughter is the best in the world. This competition shall be her playground." Jia Xian Tian answered bravely.

"Damn, Lolicon."

"I'm a doting grandfather, not a lolicon."

"Your granddaughter's face says otherwise."


A young lady in a flowery purple dress stared at Jia Xing Tian grimly. She made some gestures and commented, "Stop being annoying, Grandpa."

"..." Jia Xing Tian.

The Alchemist Association's Elders and other Noble Clans stare at this childish banter with tired expressions. The rivalry between Hai Bodong and Jia Xing Tian was well-known in the Jia Ma Empire.

Within a roofed chair sat an elder wearing a yellow-colored alchemist robe. He appeared asleep, but his half-opened eyes released a dim white light.

This elder is the one who taught Alchemy to Pill King Gu He.

"Elder Fa Ma, please start the Grand Meeting."

"Okay." Fa Ma opened his eyes, standing up.



As the shouts washed over the altar, everyone screamed excitedly and wondered who'd be the winner.

"Let me take a nap..." Fa Ma returned to his seat and closed his eyes again, leaving the other alchemist near him speechless.

Well, the Legendary Fa Ma is quite old.

Another high-ranked alchemist walked forward and announced, "The topic of the first round is Refining and Cleansing."

"You'll refine these Black Leaf Crystal Cores and increase their worth one way or another." Several black stones appeared and floated above each contestant.

Yafei appeared on a podium and flipped over a massive golden hourglass, shocking Baek Ain. "You must finish your job before all the sands in this hourglass go down. And a contestant who fails will be disqualified." She declared calmly.

"Good luck, everyone." She smiled and winked at Baek Ain, making almost every male in the area jealous.

Baek Ain shook his head and said, "Aih, You riled them up intentionally. What a cheeky lady."

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