22 Ain's Victory

--- Chapter 21 ---

[Ding! You have learned a new skill]


[Name: Parry]

[Type: Active]

[Grade: F]

[Description: Ward off the enemy's attack(weapon) with your own. This skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds]


The Beast Tamer couldn't believe what Baek Ain just had done and swung his other arm at him.

Baek Ain kneeled a little and kicked himself backward, dodging the dangerous attack.


As expected, the Beast Tamer's claw released a suspicious green light and was "immediately." followed by a massive shockwave afterward.

'Alicia, use the upgrade token on Parry(F).' Baek Ain was lucky he could deflect the first attack.

'I need it now.'

[Ding! You have upgraded a skill]

[Parry(F) >>> Parry(B)]

[Parry's cooldown reduced to 5 seconds]


Baek Ain tilted his head to the right and trusted Lightning Impulse, using Sixth Sense to find the Beast Tamer's weaknesses. He noticed one to three spots where the Beast Tamer's muscles didn't move as much as others.

'Solar Plexus, Left Shoulder, and Left Calf.' Baek Ain's Parallel Thinking processed every piece of information quickly.

'I can do this.'

The Beast Tamer attacked Baek Ain relentlessly and destroyed the ground below them. He was annoyed because Baek Ain could dodge all his attacks effortlessly. It's too much for being a genius alone.

It must be nice to be a genius.

You don't have to work hard.

And he got everything by simply existing.

All different thoughts flashed in the Beast Tamer's head, roaring his anger at the sky.





Baek Ain handily lifted his free hand and flicked his fingers, creating a fiery brown flame on the spot. He combusted the flame's core and infused it into the White Light Chakra Sabre.


[Steel-like Enhancement]

[Ding! Your Blade Mastery(B) has advanced]

[Blade Mastery(B) >> Blade Mastery(B+)]

"Seven Star Blade Art: Seven Kill Form."

Baek Ain's tanto's blade grew into a cleaver-like and seared with intense brown flame. He took a single step forward and began swinging his weapon frantically.

He hasn't mastered Seven Star Blade Art.

However, he'd use what he had right now.


"YOU!" The Beast Tamer transformed again, growing a pair of bat wings and a lizard tail this time.

Baek Ain's hazel-gold eyes stared at Beast Tamer without blinking once as he slashed the air.


He used Super Jump and tackled the Beast Tamer's solar plexus with his pauldron, pushing this unknown creature away. The weapon in his hand danced in the air and created a fiery tornado, engulfing both of them in scalding heat.

"AAAHHHH!" Baek Ain released a war cry, ignoring the damage he had sustained beforehand. His Healing Factor is dealing with that, but not fast enough to heal them.


The Beast Tamer was blown away and had a hole in his stomach. He stood up in great difficulty and ordered the Armored Nether Spider to attack Baek Ain.

"Lightning Strike!"

The 4-Rank spider created a massive blue lightning bolt and threw it at Baek Ain.

"Fire Spears!"

And Baek Ain responded by creating countless fire spears powered by Gnome's flame.


Baek Ain slashed through the lightning bolt and accelerated toward the Beast Tamer. He was about to cut this annoying man's head off, but the spider interrupted by stabbing his chest.



Baek Ain was "abruptly." pinned on the ground as the Wind Leopard Armor was "easily." pierced by the Armored Nether Spider's leg. He eyed the Beast Tamer with an immense amount of killing intent.


"Who decided that..."

"Oh?" The Beast Tamer was amazed by Baek Ain's tenacity.

"Who decided I can't defeat you..."

"You? Don't make me laugh..." Baek Ain's whole body exploded with flame, but it was golden this time.


Baek Ain clawed the Armored Nether Spider's leg and pierced it with his fingers. If one saw clearly, Baek Ain's fingers seem to cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

He slowly kneeled and supported his back, making the golden flame grow bigger and bigger with each second. The spider's leg on his bloody chest turned into ashes.

Baek Ain walked to the Beast Tamer.

It was a slow walk but terrifying sight as a young man with a bloody hole and injured body carrying a cleaver-like blade.


The bone in Baek Ain's body cracked one after another, mending under the stress of the Healing Factor.





Baek Ain watched several spear-like spider legs coming into his vision. He stopped and glared at the Armored Nether Spider.

These magical beasts tamed, but they couldn't fight their animal instinct.

Baek Ain was "currently." possessed by the Golden Crow's Blessing, and the divine beast aura exploded from his body, causing the air to feel extremely hot like a sun and dry everything to the very core.

"Do it."

"Attack me."

"I dare you..." Baek Ain's cold voice reached the 4-Rank Beast, causing an internal turmoil between Beast Tamer's order and animal instinct.

An imaginary Golden Crow appeared in the sky and pressured the Armored Nether Spider, making the spider kneel on the ground.

Baek Ain walked to the Beast Tamer, raising his weapon.




The Beast Tamer witnessed Baek Ain walking toward him and shuddered instinctively. 'Am I afraid of this kid?' He thought while balling his hand into a fist.

'You gotta be kidding me.'


The Beast Tamer transformed for the final time and became a monster beyond humanity before Baek Ain's eyes. His entire muscle warped and whitened, popping his bones out.

After that, the Beast Timer's head exploded and changed into several thick tendrils with sharp blades. His droopy eyes moved down and settled on the chest area, forming a face with its open stomach, which Baek Ain created with his last attack.

'Monster.' Baek Ain lifted his White Light Chakra Sabre, activating the Golden Crow's Possession for the second time with Revolver.

"Reload on fire."

Baek Ain's holed chest heaved up and down, overflowing with a golden flame. Despite the fatal injuries, he stood straight, facing the night sky.

Moonlight pierced the dark clouds and illuminated them like two characters in a show.


They shouted with all their might and began to change blows one after another, cutting chunks of the enemy's body.





Baek Ain's hazel gold eyes shone as he faced the Beast Tamer and used all his strength. Baek Ain infused the White Light Chakra Sabre with his Dou Qi Energy, combining five fundamental elements.

The energy blade turned orangish color, radiating the whole area with destructive light.


The Beast Timer punched Baek Ain's face.

Baek Ain coughed a mouthful of blood and slashed his weapon at the Beast Tamer's neck, hacking the meat off this man's body.

Blood splattered on the ground.

Flesh fell left and right.

And Bones cracked when exchanging blows.

"Seven Star Blade Art."

Baek Ain held his weapon with two missing fingers and pointed it at the Beast Tamer. "Death's Wish."

As he stepped forward, a crimson aura covered over one hundred meters of the square area. Baek Ain's silhouette disappeared and became three tangible afterimages.

The Beast Tamer's eyes widened as he attacked the one on the left, successfully killing the supposed afterimage.


The two afterimages appeared and hacked the Beast Tamer's body off in four, creating a cross mark in the air.




Baek Ain breathed in and turned the blade of his weapon into a literal sun blade, increasing the temperature in the area. He looked at the Beast Tamer and bent his body on the ground.

[Super Jump 10x]

"Death's Wish: Beast's Claws."

Baek Ain kicked the ground and swept the area with a shockwave, moving at supersonic speed. His body failed to function sometimes, but Healing Factors patched everything together to keep them working.

Baek Ain's weapon released a howling roar, turning the shockwave into a fiery white tiger. He slashed the Beast Tamer's neck and created five deep grooves on the ground over 150 meters away.

Everything that met his final attack, including the Armored Nether Spider, immediately perished. The 4-Rank Magical Beast couldn't create a lightning cage on time and was "literally." killed in the process because of excessive fear.


The clouds in the sky parted because of Baek Ain's attack, leaving five fiery lines.

[Ding! You have killed a 4-Rank Magical Beast]

[Ding! You have killed a 5-Star Dou Spirit(Beast Tamer)]

[You have finished the "Magical Beast's Tamer." quest]


"Kuugh." Baek Ain grabbed a half-destroyed rock and used it to support himself.

[Ding! You have lost too much blood and organs]

[Even with the Healing Factor, you'll die in ten minutes...]

Baek Ain closed his eyes because dying wasn't a problem for him. After all, his soul would transmigrate again.

However, he has made a connection with two lovely women. They are his treasured ones.

"Y-You! You're the one who did all of this?!" A shout suddenly comes.

Xiao Yan stood at Wu Tan City's west gate and looked at Baek Ain with disbelief. Several known people from the Xiao Clan's Banquet arrived shortly after, gasping and pointing fingers at him.

"X-Xiao Yan." A small voice echoed in the destroyed battlefield. It was from a random magical beast the Beast Tamer used to control, which seemed to connect him with the Xiao Clan.

"M-Monsters, Die... This kid."

'I guess being a hero in front of everyone isn't so bad...' Baek Ain thought calmly.

Xiao Zhan and Xiao Yan recognized this voice and mumbled, "Xiao San/Uncle?"


"BAEK AIN, YOU MONSTER!" Xiao Yan rushed toward Baek Ain with a red-angered face.

'Are you dumb?' Baek Ain was speechless.

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