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Endless Apprenticeship


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!! [ Warning ] !! (You can skip the two paragraphs if you're a nitpicky reader) . . . The Novel contains numerous boring chapters. Only because I wanted it to be lengthy. Season 1 is composed of many useless chapters so if any of you nitpicky readers give me a one-star review just because of the "Character Design" or "Story Development," Please feel free to exit and slap yourself hard because I'll be deleting your useless rants in the review sections. Okay? Thanks~ Also! It may or may not matter, but as soon as I go into the second season, you can start from there and skip the first season. All depends on you nitpicky readers ;) Also. If I do have mistakes, please comment down on the paragraphs. Even the slightest mistakes because that's the only thing you're good at nitpicky readers. Not really generalizing you guys tho~ I have some readers out there lovely and thoughtful. Mwuah~ . . . Julius Bedwyr FitzChivalry reincarnates into another world, far too incomparable from his. Before he reincarnated, he pledged to himself to never again stand beside someone's side as a right-hand or even be loyal to another. He brought his bitter misery and all the negativities in his new life. But little did he know that he would grow to rid of those feelings from his previous life. An angel took care of him as soon as he was birth to the mysterious world. His life went smoothly after his reincarnation. But even paradise will have to face trials and challenges, right? The boy now faced challenges as one of the proclaimed genius, far harder than what he confronted as FitzChivalry. Will he pass through all the trials as his new identity? Will Elijah Lawrence Xavier Kingsley Royale Sage, his reincarnated identity, be able to twist his renewed fate in a world filled with mysteries? Will he learn new abilities and skills? His existence as one of the best geniuses in this newfound world, what could be the meaning behind it? Will he survive? Learn arts that were beyond his imagination? Experience the same mistakes he once took as FitzChivalry? Or will he face the hardships he has once gotten as FitzChivalry? Will he feel the loss of his soul again? What more could anyone know? Has he have been gifted a fate he would enjoy, or was he given a cruel one? No one could have imagined what lies before his existence. Venture forth along his side as he unlocks endless information, as he grows stronger each day. . . . . . Disclaimer: The Art in my Bookcover isn't rightfully mine. If the creator of my book cover wants it taken down, I will gladly take it down. Notes: Endless Apprenticeship has three different book covers. First one is when he's three years old. Second one is when he is twelve. Third is when he's nineteen. And once the novel reaches to each age, the book cover will change. Thanks~! . . . Copyright © 2020-2021 "Noc_Tristan" All rights reserved. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information story and retrieval system, without the Author's written permission, except where permitted by law. . . . I have published a few of my chapters on Royal Road before as Nocturnal_Author but have deleted them by 2021. The same goes for Neovel. Now, I solely write in WebNovel. If this story has been posted on other sites, please help me report it.


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