1 Prologue

With a magnificent environment around itself, the golden layer lined up on the book cover, shining through the rays laid open slowly. A long-haired, earthy scented man with an enormous circlet glowing behind his head almost the size of a plate. stepped on the grass. Wherever his pale foot lay, a palm-size purple lotus flourished from the land with white pearls originating in its center.

A little fluttering arose near the book and was noticed by him through his back. He smiled. A Floral stem pen began to twirl on the blank pages which were lid open by the book. The letters started to appear inside the mystic book. Calling it just a book could be an understatement according to him as he rested his head around the trunk of a tree which existed with his powers. The only gift he made. And the only gift he gave. He thought to himself as he received a scratching sound from behind like two smooth blades running against each.

As the words progressed to sentence, sentence to paragraph and then paragraph to a whole new chapter it inaugurated a new choice to life even after its gonna end. Writing on its own through the authentic pen which had the power to change the future, the cape-wrapped man closed his eyes as he too witnessed the future ahead of him. His almond-shaped black eyes watched in seconds the destruction of the world. If the world's gonna end, what are the possibilities? He frowned his huge forehead at the question.

His perfect brown hair opened as some of its curls arrived till his lower back. The upper half of his hair was tied back into a bun. With his pale-warm olive skin sparkling under the sun, his defined small lips stretched till his cheeks were plump to clarify his cheekbones, he walked further away near the end of the cliff.

Everything about his appearance made him sacred but still his brows furrowed as he saw a manifestation ahead in his head. The atmosphere was calm and serene he thought that it was time. He envisioned his death and life here after his death.

He knows.

The true power of the realm has already said that, "The day silver turns to gold, a marked child shall cause the beginning of a better future." It was just one of his omens and foretelling. And as all of this is witnessed by the book, the esteemed stem of the lotus wrote it carefully on itself.

"He will see this when he will be dying to protect someone he really loves," A small smile went curvy around his lips after he said that. Whatever lies ahead went slowly written into the mystic book. There's always a sign before anything happens. There's always an awakening into light when something goes wrong.




Deafening cries echoed as the last shed of his powers left his body. He could feel nothing as he crashed to the ground after the mystic force driven by his opponent thrashed him down. The weather stood harmless as his eyes witnessed a pair of arms crossing around him. He couldn't reciprocate because of the blood oozing out of his uncommon injury which was with every second tugging him towards death.

The only thing which kept him close to his father has been lost with his father's gifted powers. The clouds banged amongst each other like it was the last day of him on earth. But when lightning prevailed to fall on the trees in front of him, he couldn't help but groan through his pain.

A sudden jerk inside him pushed him to the edge as he felt like he travelled into a vacuum. His eyes opened to see an unfamiliar warmth. He was shocked when he saw a warm cocoon coiled around him. He tried to get out of the sticky situation but his eyes played the role as he witnessed another horrific situation. He could feel another presence of evil around.


The soul sword clanked against the powers of a muscular body. His robust body state was ready to pounce on the former jacket bearer but stopped when he witness a glowing blue sword appearing from his back.

The menacing sword infused with his takt powers was shining bright when he brought it over his hand. The pair of black eyes which witnessed his sword, growled louder while looking at it. A soul drenched in his devouring pain of supremacy was tugging his own body to devour more souls over at the cost of their life.

"Arun, don't even dare to think about taking my son's soul."

A small grin went over his lips after he heard him calling his name, "His soul is what I seek, I want to enjoy the feeling of being overpowered and immortal. He has to die." He fixed the glass button over his jacket and shuffled the sleeves up.

"I won't let you." He positioned his takt sword in front of him with both hands. The diagonal black eyes Arun saw the jacket worn around the toned skin of his muscular physique standing in front of him, ready to attack him.

"Souls are not made to live, but to be devoured for eternity." His piercing glare at the sword holder could have caused thrilled down his stomach but yet the toughened figure didn't even flinch under his sudden death gaze.

The thundering wild outside the den was minimal to hear from outside which sparkled the tension inside. Arun lifted his hands in the air while his body danced freely under his hold. His face relaxed between the valley of his diagonal black eyes.

A sudden slit in the centre of his forehead stretched open reaching the end of his chin. His hands became far wide while his face expanded after the split. His eyes were hanging down towards his ears, and the wine-red colour of his inside flesh oozed out like a fresh injury. A pair of tentacles waved at the edge of the open rim of his second mouth. The Soul eating Devourer.

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