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Empress of Business World


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Lu yan shu a girl who is broken by her past is now the biggest business tycoon that no one would dare to go against her. She is known for her tactics, cunningness, ruthless and heartless actions. The past which she tried to run away comes chasing her. Her past is the biggest nightmare for her. At the time, a man from her past approaches her with the name of love. Because of some incidents, she is scared of meeting people from her past. She is scared of falling in love. She is scared of men. In her opinion men are fickle. But we have to see whether she will fall in with him or not? If so how? What she will do to the people who came to find her from the past? Will she take revenge? To know the answers we have to join her journey. ___________________________________________ " Do you want to take revenge? " he asked " No," she said. " Then? Will you kill them? " he asked again. " Death is an easy punishment. I will not dirty my hands. I will just make them pay for their sins. I will make them regret their whole lives. " She answered without any emotions. He smiled at her answer. _________________________________________ For advance chapters please join discord. You can read chapters for free. __________________________________________ The cover photo is not mine. The credit goes to the original artist. And I got this from the net. If you want me to remove it,just dm me in the discord. I have created other penname 'priyabolagani'. I won't be publishing books from this penname anymore. Please show your love there too. Join the Discord:https://discord.gg/SYeZEmq Instagram: priyabolagani Twitter: Ms_Anonymous012 Facebook: Ms_Anonymous My other works: other Works: 1. EMPRESS OF BUSINESS WORLD [Completed] 2. MY NEW LOVER IS A PRESIDENT. [completed] 3. CEO DADDY, LET'S GET MOMMY [ongoing] 4. TEMPTING MY RENTED BOYFRIEND [ongoing] 5. THE WEREWOLF SEEKING THE SUN [ongoing] 6. HER TRUE SOULMATE. [ongoing] 7. VAMPIRE KING'S WEREWOLF BRIDE [Coming on this platform soon!]


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