Empress' Evolution

The bright red light of the flames swallowed her vision but soon that red light transformed into a blue hue and she was dragged into that light. ‘What’s happening?’ It was too bright and she was forced to close her eyes, she was blinded — even though she was already dead. After being pulled into the light she began to feel annoyed as her skin was irritated by some kind of rough sand. By the time she opened her eyes. She could see the full view of the sky. It was blue and there were clouds scattered about. ‘Ugh, is this Hell?’ She stated as she rubbed her head with her fluffy and furry ‘hand’. ‘Furry?’ She looked at her ‘hands’ and her mouth opened wide. Her hands had become soft and fluffy paws of a white-furred beast with purple spots. ‘What the hell?’ She touched her face with her paws and confirmed that it too did not belong to a human. Below, she felt something was moving, she can tell as if it was another limb connected to her. ‘Don’t tell me!’ Turning her head around, she found a seven-inch tail sticking out behind. ‘Phew!’ She felt relieved that it wasn’t what she thought it was. “These soft and paws, this cuddly fluffy hair, this cute tail — ah shit, did I become a beast after my death or have I been dreaming of being human as a beast all this time? If it is the latter that is one long and realistic dream.” === [It’s the former, stupid bitch.] === Said a woman’s voice from in her head. === As always thank you for reading, also the image in the cover is not mine, I found it on Pinterest and thought it was cool and suitable. All credits got to the illustrator. Also, this is a new type of story that I have not read about yet. Basically I am writing an evolution novel without prior knowledge so I don't really know what is considered cliche in this genre. I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

Simple_Dynasty · Fantasy
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260 Chs

Angered Beast

The process of the summoning could not be interrupted. It was protected by the barrier made by the Beast of Penance. They would descend into the world unless something was done. Lilith, however, did not have any way to do so, in her Principal Mana Weaver form.

So she changed her form and transformed to the Heaven's Wrath. With a body as white as snow, she transformed half of the island to ice. White mist flowed continuously from her mouth as the frost continued to expel from her body. In this kind of frost that was made from Divinity, even the Beast of Penance's lava could not keep its form. And as the medium was destroyed, so was the three summons that crumbled into blocks of ice.