Emperor of Gods

Updating Schedules. 10 Chapters mass release on the 18th of December, 2023 2 Daily chapter releases starting from January 1, 2024. Additional chapter releases for every 150 coin gifts or 100 Golden Ticket Votes. ……… (Blurb) In Li Yu's first life, he watched as every member of his family was butchered mercilessly and fed to the vultures because of his best friends’ greediness. Li Yu was then tortured for several years, and just when he was about to lose consciousness forever, a miracle happened. Li Yu was transmigrated 50 years into the future, into the body of someone with a similar name as him, someone who died in another person's scheme. Fueled with a strong vengeance in him, Li Yu would start his journey back to peak from absolutely nothing, go through many ordeals, and train with his life along the line, countless times so he could take revenge on the people who destroyed him. This is a novel filled with a lot of comedy, schemes, and mysteries. Please give your support; golden tickets and reviews.

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Chapter 30 - Meeting Hall(Part 2)

Chapter 30 – meeting hall (Part 2)

"I caught them escaping last night while I was coming from chasing the fleeing invader," Li Zhuqiang said respectfully.

Although he was currently the patriarch of the Li Clan, he knew that he still needs to respect the powerful and old grand elder as the other party only needs to snap his fingers to have him killed.

Hearing this, all the elders in the room, apart from the first elder and his gang began to release their killing intents towards the chained guys, almost forgetting that the grand elder was still present.

They could not just take in the fact that the people their clan paid to guard their property had chosen to run off and escape when the clan got into danger.

This is what they thought.

They had thought that these guards and instructors has ran off when they saw their partners being murdered.

The legs of the 49 people chained together began to shake profusely that it became glaring to the visible eyes when they felt the killing intents concentrated in them.

They began to regret, they began to regret why they had chosen to do what the first elder told them to do, they regret becoming greedy for power, and some of them even began to regret betraying their friends.

Just when they were about to lose the last strength in their body, they suddenly felt the killing intents overwhelming them disappeared.

"We- we are sorry grand elder, we are sorry for releasing our killing intents." The elders whose killing intents suddenly got cut off with a glance from the first elder bowed and apologized fearfully, they realized they had acted rashly

Not giving the elders any look nor acknowledging their apologies, the grand elder looked interestingly at the chained guards.

'Isn't this a feeling of soul locking oath?'

He thought with furrowed brows.

The Grand elder suddenly floated slowly into mid-air, and flew to the front of the chained guys, making everyone's heart scream in shock and the chained guys scream in fear.

'What a show-off old-man.'

Li Yu rolled his eyes and thought in ridicule, almost making the grand elder who felt this fall down from mid-air.

'Brat, I will deal with you later, how dare you ridicule?'

Taking control of his emotions instantly, the grand elder picked the hand of one of the chained guys and sent a little bit of his consciousness inside.

He released it again after some seconds.

A serious look finally surfaced on his face.

'As I thought, it's truly an oath that locks the soul, it's even a powerful one,'

He suddenly raised his hand, and just when he was about to flick it, he heard a loud noise.

"Your highness grand elder, please hold on a bit."


'Who was that?'

'Which nut was it that dared stop a nascent soul realm cultivator?'

Everyone screamed in their minds, then they turned towards where the voice came from.

"Little- little Yu, what the f* do you think you're doing?"

Li Zhiqiang felt so angry that he almost used a dirty word in front of the grand elder.

'Little guy, what are you doing, quickly apologize to the grand elder,' the second elder added hurriedly, feeling scared for what might happen if the first elder was to get mad at Li Yu.

"Young master…"

The place suddenly became quiet when they saw the grand elder raise his hand, making everybody except the first elder scared.

Even the criminals in the room felt deep fear at this moment because they knew what the grand elder wanted to do earlier, they also knew that Li Yu was the only one that had made that not be done now.

"Kill him, destroy him, make his father go crazy!!!'

The first elder who had not given up his dream screamed crazily in his mind as he saw this, he thought the grand elder had become angry.

With his heart pounding heavily, Li Ziqiang began to get ready his qi energy to attack and make his son escape if anything was to happen.

"Little fellow, you have anything to say?"

Contradicting everyone's thoughts, the grand elder suddenly smiled and asked jokingly.


"Grand elder, I know how to solve the soul locking oath," As if not feeling the tense atmosphere, Li Yu swaggered to where the criminals were located.

The way he was acting at this moment was how a typical playboy would act.

"Little Fellow, how do you know about soul locking oath, and how do you want to solve it?"

The grand elder finally couldn't control his curiosity anymore as he could not understand how Li Yu would understand what a soul-locking oath which was a long-forgotten spell, so he sent his thought into Li Yu's mind.

And Li Yu, he's still just an ordinary qi realm cultivator, so he could not send his thought into other's minds, he could only speak out loud.

"I've studied it in some ancient books recently, so I have some understanding about it."

Everybody was looking curiously at Li Yu now as they could not understand what he was saying, everybody apart from the first elder whose mind was screaming fearfully.


The grand elder knew deep well that what Li Yu said was a complete lie.

As long as The Xuan empire is concerned, anything that has to do with soul locking oath has long been destroyed, although it's still available in most parts of the world.

Soul locking oath was a great spell intended for good, it was created to make people trust each other completely and not betray, but ever since people began misusing it for their selfish purposes, such as binding people when what they were doing was utterly wrong, it was destroyed.

The grand elder gave Li Yu a deep stare again, but he decided not to enter the deep details at all as he knew that everybody has their secrets.

To be honest, what Li Yu said was not a complete lie, even though the soul-locking oath he knew was mostly from his previous life, he had seen some useless soul-locking oath in the cold palace library the last time, so he was saved even if the grand elder was to ask him for where he studied it.

"Your highness, the grand elder, I…"

"Wait, wait, don't call me that anymore, it sounds so cringing to my ears." The grand elder interrupted Li Yu.

The way Li Yu had been addressing him had felt so funny to him that he couldn't take it anymore.

"Hun, oh sorry, your highness, I…"

"Please can you not call me that anymore, "the grand elder felt like giving Li Yu a loud smack on his face now, he felt that the other party was intentionally joking with him.

'Who- who dare to joke with me like this in this continent," He thought will flames almost bursting out of his eyes.


The blankness in everybody's face at this moment could not be judged anymore, they all felt that Li Yu and the grand elder were acting like a grandchild and grandfather duo.

Seeing that he seemed to have been testing the other party's patient, Li Yu decided not to play with his feelings anymore.

"I can tell you how to break the oath, but I don't want anyone else to learn of this trick," Li Yu said quietly to the grand elder while looking mysterious, but how quiet could he be that cultivators would not hear him?

So everybody in the room heard very loudly and clearly what Li Yu said, they couldn't help but give him a strange look.

Ignoring the looks sent his way, Li Yu stared unblinkingly at the old man pulling his beards in deep thought.

Suddenly, a grey light spread out from the old man and encamped him and Li Yu within.

"You can say everything you want to say now, nobody from outside would hear nor see us," The old man said gently to Li Yu, then all of a sudden, an oppressive aura left his body and concentrated deeply on Li Yu.

"Hah....." Li Yu suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs like someone who was about to be butchered.


"What sort of being are you, really?"

The old man finally could not contain his curiosity anymore when he saw Li Yu was not affected by his oppressive aura.

Even though he had limited its power, the one he still released should have been enough to make even a level 5 foundation establishment realm cultivator break down in fear.

"Hun… I… I'm just a little boy of the Li Clan," Li Yu replied in embarrassment.

But deep inside, he was laughing mockingly at the old man's stupidity.

How could such little aura affect him that had seen the world, and his soul had been deeply forged?


The old man finally sighed and decided to change the topic.

"What was it you said could help break the soul-locking oath?"

Outside, everyone was staring unblinkingly at the grey screen that showed only the outline of two figures within.

There were different expressions on everybody's faces at the moment, ranging from fear to anger, to helplessness, to urgency, and so on.

Everybody waited silently, causing the heavy atmosphere that had already reached its peak to make a breakthrough into another realm.

Every one of the guards, the chained ones included have begun to sweat bucket after bucket already.

It was after the time that would take for a candle stick to be fully burnt before the grey screen finally disappeared and the two elderly and little men appeared with contradicting expressions on their faces.

Anger and killing intents on the former's face while playboy and a wicked smile on the latter's face.


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