Emperor of Gods

Updating Schedules. 10 Chapters mass release on the 18th of December, 2023 2 Daily chapter releases starting from January 1, 2024. Additional chapter releases for every 150 coin gifts or 100 Golden Ticket Votes. ……… (Blurb) In Li Yu's first life, he watched as every member of his family was butchered mercilessly and fed to the vultures because of his best friends’ greediness. Li Yu was then tortured for several years, and just when he was about to lose consciousness forever, a miracle happened. Li Yu was transmigrated 50 years into the future, into the body of someone with a similar name as him, someone who died in another person's scheme. Fueled with a strong vengeance in him, Li Yu would start his journey back to peak from absolutely nothing, go through many ordeals, and train with his life along the line, countless times so he could take revenge on the people who destroyed him. This is a novel filled with a lot of comedy, schemes, and mysteries. Please give your support; golden tickets and reviews.

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Chapter 1  - Transmigration


Complete and absolute darkness...

The type of darkness where one would loose every sense, of yourself included.

This is a kind of darkness that would extinguish brilliance if it came into contact with one.

Now, what if different body and soul torments were added on top in this mind-corrupting darkness?

Remaining in this kind of place for just a single hour would make a faint-hearted person lose command of his mind, and his body would crumble into pieces, while a resolute-hearted person would be able to stay for a few days at most.

It was precisely this kind of place that Li Yu's soul was banished into, wandering around for the past countless years in profound body and soul agony every day.

Li Yu would have lost control of his awareness countless numbers of times, but every time he recollected the scenes of how every member of his family was brutally tormented before they were killed and fed to the vultures, the memories of this pain and trauma would immediately cause Li Yu to regain control of his mind.

The vengeful spirit in him was too potent and dense for him to just lose his awareness like that.

Regrettably, or fortunately for Li Yu, lately, he had been sensing that he would no longer be able to keep himself awake anymore.


Different scenes began to play in Li Yu's mind at this moment.

His joyous days, melancholic days, days with companions and family, days when he was at his zenith, and lastly, that day he lost everything.


With a voice filled with agony, ire, remorse, and discontent, Li Yu suddenly screamed with every bit of awareness he had left.

Then piu... The soul was extinguished.


"Young master, young master."

Li Yu suddenly heard a long-distance voice calling on him.

"Ha!!! Ha!!!! Ha!!!"

He suddenly woke up with a start and began to breathe heavily, with big beads of sweat oozing out of every single cell of his body, just like someone who had just fought against the most powerful being on earth.

"Young master, are you okay?" the same voice continued, but Li Yu could not notice this at the moment.

His mind was filled with different questions as he remembered all the scenes that happened.

'Are those all dreams?' The hope that had died in Li Yu a long time ago finally ignited.

Not caring about anything at all, Li Yu suddenly sprang up from the bed he lay on and rushed out, not looking at his surroundings at all.

"Young- young master," the female voice sounded urgent this time around.

Li Yu who was running as if his life depended on it, suddenly stopped, then his face was abruptly filled with excruciating pain, he held his head with all the strength in his arms, and his teeth began to cluster together.

The sweat oozing out of Li Yu's body had multiplied a lot at the moment as if water was being poured on his body.

"YOUNG MASTER!!!!" The female that had been calling Li Yu since the beginning suddenly screamed fearfully.

The owner of the voice rushed with a speed as fast as lightning to Li Yu's side, and just as she reached his side, Li Yu fainted.


"Sage doctor, please, are you sure my son would be okay?"

"I'm assuring you with my reputation patriarch, nothing has gone wrong with the young master."

"Then why has my son fainted again?"

"Patriarch Li, the young master had only fainted because he was stressing himself when he had not recovered from the poison he suffered some days ago."

These are the voices Li Yu heard when he woke up again, but Li Yu could not care about this at all for a moment.

Laughing remorsefully in his heart, Li Yu thought painfully. 'So, it was not that I had a nightmare, instead, I was reincarnated to a different body with the same name as mine.'

The hope that Li Yu was finally able to reignite after countless years was once again extinguished completely.

Li Yu decided not to open his eyes yet, he began to sort through the memories he awoke earlier, which had made him faint.

'So, fifty years had passed already,' Li Yu thought lifelessly.

"Patriarch, let's go discuss outside so that young master would be able to rest better." One of the voices discussing in the room said quietly.

Holding his breath, Li Yu listened attentively and finally breathed out when he was certain that the two in the room had finally stepped out.

Li Yu's eyes eventually opened to light for the second time after the tormenting darkness he had been experiencing all this year, and what came to his sight was a high and wide white ceiling.

Li Yu looked around the room aimlessly, with his mind on a lot of things.

'hehe, none of you would have known that I'm back, start counting down the extinction date of your entire blood from today,' Li Yu thought coldly with a wicked glint in his eyes.

Killing intents that would scare people away and make them feel as if they were facing a powerful enemy began to ooze out of Li Yu's body.

Li Yu began to search through these new memories in his head for anything familiar, but unfortunately, apart from the world being the one he knew before, everything else he saw in his new memory was utterly new to him.

The owner of the body he possessed was also Li Yu, who was a descendant of some locally powerful Li Clan which was located in an empire named Xuan Empire.

'what a tiny country,' Li Yu thought in ridicule when he realized the size of the empire.

This Li Clan is one of the largest Clan in the entire Xuan empire.

Apart from his father, his maid and some few friends he has who cared so much for him, everyone else in his family hated and despised him to the core.

They thought he was just a useless boy who enjoyed all the clan's resources for himself, due to the privilege he has, which was that his father was the patriarch.

He does not know his mom, she died when he was 2 years old, said by his father.

The possessor of this body was a warm outside but a cold inside type of person, in simple terms, a manipulative person

He always showed a playboy attitude around, while scheming heavily behind closed doors.

If not because he had been secretly poisoned, the possessor of this body would in the future likely be able to control most of the powers present in the Xuan empire as he was just too good at scheming.

'Don't worry, I will help you finish all your wishes, they would serve as compensation for taking over your body, and also, I would start building my power from here,' Li Yu thought, then finally, his eyes which were still heavy due to all the emotional and physical stress he had experienced finally shut again.

In no time, Li Yu began to breathe softly, he fell deeply asleep.

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