1 Chapter 1 : Xiao Zhan (1)

The border of the Garma Empire, a small place called Uthan City.

The Xiao family is one of the three main families in Wutan City. Compared to the Gale family and the Oba family who were rooted in Wutan City in the same generation, they are completely strangers. This all goes back a few years. The former head of the family, Xiao Lin, is a strong Fighting King. Even in the entire Jiama Empire, he is a master. The former Xiao family was one of the Holy City of Jiama and one of the wealthy families in the entire imperial capital. With the accidental death of Xiao Lin in the battle with the enemy, the Xiao family was left with no successor, and was later driven out of the holy city of Jiama and fell to this remote place to put down roots.

But after all, the skinny camel was bigger than the horse. Even if the Xiao family was devastated by Xiao Lin's death, in this small town in Wutan, it became one of the top three families in three to two years.

The current head of the Xiao family, Xiao Zhan, is the son of Xiao Lin. When Xiao Lin was still alive, he was in the holy city of Jiama, the emperor's capital, and among the younger generation, he could be considered a genius.

It's a shame his life wasn't good enough. First, after Xiao Lin's death, the Xiao family's property in the imperial capital was looted by the rest of the forces, and there were not enough resources to farm. He was completely devastated. If it weren't for the constant encouragement of his wife and the relief of his newly born little son, he would have been ruined.

After taking the family to Wutan City, in order to allow the Xiao family to successfully take root here, he put in unimaginable efforts. Naturally, because he was too involved in mundane things, his cultivation fell behind. Fortunately, he still succeeded. After being promoted to become a Great Fighter, the cultivation of a Great Fighter is already considered a first-class master in Wutan City.

In the later time, as the Xiao family was gradually integrated into Wutan City, it seemed that the small town here would gradually grow, but at this time another bad news came, causing an unprecedented blow to Xiao Zhan.

His wife passed away.

His wife used to be a famous family in the imperial capital. When the Xiao family was in decline, to be with Xiao Zhan, he had already broken up with his family. Later, in order to protect Xiao Zhan, his body fell into a hidden disease.

In the past two years, his health has been deteriorating. If Xiao Zhan can find a high-level pharmacist, he can be saved, but Wutan City is a small place. You can walk on the side, not to mention high-level pharmacists. As a result, there are no surprises.

Xiao family, inside the ancestral hall.

Many of the Xiao family's ancestors are enshrined here. The tablets of Xiao Zhan's father, Xiao Lin, and his wife, who passed away soon after, are placed here.

A man with a determined face, who looked to be in his thirties, was sitting transfixed in the ancestral hall. There were many bottles of wine randomly placed next to him .Xiao Zhan.

Three months have passed since his wife passed away, and he still hasn't come out of his grief, although he also knows that the dead cannot be raised, and the living must also be the living method of the living. , he still needs. to encourage me as the head of the family, but after all, the husband and wife are deeply in love and have supported each other for many years. Now there is only one person left, and the sadness in my heart is always hard to remove. .

The people of the Xiao family also knew that the owner of the family was not easy.

They believed that a patriarch who could bring the Xiao family to this Wutan city to put down roots could come out.

But they didn't know that due to a small accident, the head of the family they should have been able to get out of, completely died in a drunken binge, and an otherworldly soul instead became a new Xiao Zhan. .

With exhaustion deep in his body, he knew this was the result of the original owner's leniency in recent months. Although the original owner was a fighting grandmaster, he was also a well-known powerhouse in Wutan City. , But if you look at the entire Dou Qi Continent, the Great Dou Shi is really nothing.

As a traveler, especially when he traveled to a novel that he had read in the past, he knew very well that in the last stage of the novel, Dou Zun was truly inferior to a dog, and Dou Sheng walked everywhere. for the original book, the original owner. That cheap son, when he arrived, he heard about the superior forces in Zhongzhou, a hall, a tower, two sects, three valleys, and four square pavilions, etc. Just listen to it. I care about things like logic. After all, things like great texts can be enjoyed when you read them.

But then again, he would transmigrate into a novel and become the cheap father of the novel's protagonist, which I never really expected.

The reason and the reason for this, he was just an ordinary person in his previous life, and he really couldn't understand it.

But this feeling is actually a bit unusual.

The loss of sadness in the memory of the original owner did not have much impact on him, he was a single dog in his previous life and had no wife, so it was difficult to empathize with him and experience the feeling of a dead wife. .

he was alone in a foreign land, especially when he inexplicably traveled to this world and suddenly changed the world, which also gave him another sense of sadness.

He didn't know if he could return, but since he came to this world and occupied this body, he had to accept the fact that he became Xiao Zhan.

From now on, Xiao Zhan is him, he is Xiao Zhan!

Of course, if he thinks about it in a good direction, he can follow a certain old king and say something like that.

"My son, Xiao Yan, looks like a fighting emperor!"

But unlike the son of the old king, who died before he succeeded, and before he became a Taoist emperor, he provoked the protagonist and lost Qingqing's life, but the new Xiao Zhan knew that he was also a traveler Son, in the In the future, he will truly become a Dou Emperor, and after many years, he will become a master in a higher plane than the Dou Qi Continent, the Thousand Great World.

So you want to do nothing, let the plot unfold, and then hug your cheap son's thigh?

Although there will be some twists and turns, such as being captured by the soul clan, but for me, who has a low cultivation base in the original work, this is not bad luck.

Well, fortune is embodied in the soul clan by trapping him in the soul realm, worrying that he will die, and constantly feeding him medicinal pills, feeding him alive to become a Douhuang.

"You must know that this is a terrifying Douhuang powerhouse. In the Jama Empire, he will definitely be a Douhuang strongman among the top ten powerhouses.

The expressiveness of him in the original work is much stronger than that of Dou Zun and Dou Sheng in the back.




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