278 Two Against One

The moment Bairong died, the intents on both sabers immediately stopped. The resistance that Lyon felt was no more before he let go Rue and Lue on top of the beach sand.

"Your rampage ends now."

An old hoarse voice was picked out from Lyon's ear before he furrowed his eyebrows. Glancing in the direction where Tuey was, his eyes turned sharp as an old man was pulling Tuey's hair with his wrinkled fingers beside her neck.

Lyon suddenly sensed a fist coming from his right before his pupils looked at the incoming fist and slightly looked up at Mara in the eyes in the latter disbelief. In that short moment, in that short window of a time, Mara realized how terrifying the enemy was.

The punch landed cleanly but Lyon was only getting dragged by the force. His figure was still standing as he dragged the sand with him. No bruise was visible on his right cheek but Mara's anger filled the void of silence on the beach.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" shouted Mara.


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