339 He is Here!


Ayuku and Madoku heard footsteps approaching them before they glanced over only to see an old man was smiling with his hands behind his back. Madoku was quite skeptical about the figure in front of her but her friend's pupils had shrunken at the sight of this same figure. 

Ayuku gulped as she saw him going past them with a nod before looking at the young man that was crossing his arms against the huge ashen bell. The air felt heavy as she could only lower her head with sweat profusely producing on her forehead. There was nothing that could have prepared her for this.

Madoku furrowed her eyebrows before Ayuku suddenly stuttered, "S-Sir, do, do you remember me?"


The old man turned around before he slightly furrowed his eyebrows and squinted his eyes while he was taking a glance against her.

"Hmm... Hahahha! I forgot! Who might you be little missy?"


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