1 Chapter one

Fragrance are perceived in the air,the ceiling fan moving gently in a rotating motion,the walls are covered in white paint,at the left side corner of the room photos of father and son are kept abruptly covering the wall,a small comfy bed is at the right side corner of the room just beside the door,a light skinned eight years cute,cheeky boy having the height of his age is lying on the bed in his purple pygamas,his father about 5ft tall, dark in complexion, muscular, having a bald hair and an extended goatee covering his jawline beneath his nose and beneath his mouth is wearing a black trouser and black polo patting his son to sleep.

"Dad why not tell me a story, I want to hear a story" The boy said to his father smiling.

His father smiles looking at him "son you know it's late already and you need to sleep early to—"

"wake early" his son complete the sentence.

The boy not satisfied as he is not given what he want "dad I can sleep well if I hear a story tonight. Other times I'm told a story before sleeping, I sleep very well" he tries to persuade his father as he sits on the bed.

"Okay son, you win I'll tell you a story but first you must lie down so you can hear me well" he said helping his son to lie back on the bed covering his leg with duvei.

"Once upon a time,there lived a boy about your age,he was from a poor home,his family background was not because they were born so. Rather,they were made so—"

"So dad you mean someone made them poor?" He asked

"Yes boy" he replied his son smiling as he drift slowly into his memories.


Ken, an eight years old boy struggled with his mother to Ace a living after his father's death.Kens' father was assassinated right before his eyes by some unknown men, they oppressed his mother and sometime, she was abducted and returned the next day with bruises all over her body, other times she was beaten and raped before him. He couldn't do anything as his strength is unmatched to theirs so they would tie him up to a chair and make him watch his mother suffer. Ken felt the pains of his mother, the brutality of these men were worse than death as it also affects others.

They had fun oppressing and making the weak suffer. As they passby the street, people tremble and some bow to them to save their head. One night Ken and his mother was sleeping in a small tattered room when the bad guys broke in. In fear they both rose up ignorant of what might happen next.

"Mrs. Michael, aren't you willing to tell us?" They heard the voice as they looked to the direction it came from, they saw three men standing before them.

His mom fumbling held Ken closely to herself shaking her head left and right meaning she does not know anything. The second man grabbed Ken from her forcefully as she tried to hold her son back, they beat her mercilessly.

" You will die" one of them said

" You have refused to tell us where the orji is kept" the other said as they continually beat her up.

"Let her be!" The boy screamed as he could not bear it anymore.

"You little brat! How dare you" the one holding him pushed Ken to the floor and gave him a hard blow on his stomach, Ken in pain puked blood and the latter pulled him up again holding him by his shirt.

" Please leave my son out of this" his mom begged them with her last strength.

"Then tell us where your husband kept the orji or we'll beat him to death" he said to Mrs. Michael pulling her in a sitting position on the floor while they surround her.

" I don't know what you're talking about,my husband never told me anything about—" they hit her from all dimension.

"You are lying to us, you think we don't know that you know the location of the orji?" The third man asked squatting as he looked at her. Ken used the opportunity to kick the man hardly on his ass and the huge man turned to him in fury.

"You've got a lot of nerve, huh" he said as Mrs. Michael rushed to the man and held his shirt begging him not to hurt her son.

"Please, he's still a kid, let him go" she said and the man shoved her off while the other man holding Ken pushed him to the fury man and he beats Ken mercilessly.

The other men held Mrs Michael as she screamed " No! No! No! Nooooo!" He continued beating him to near death.

"Stop!" she screamed and everyone halt looking at her.

"I Know where the orji is but first you must let him be" she said.

"And what position are you to trade, huh?" He made her look to him by pulling her hair downward.

"Please let us be after I've given you the orji's location" tears streaming down her eyes as she looked at Ken lying helplessly on the floor. She helped herself up walking to the right corner of the room where a table is kept but one of the men stood in her way.

" Where do you think you are going" he asked

" I'm going to pick a pen and book from the table to write the address" she said as the young man moved from her way.

She wrote the address on a piece of paper torn from the book and gave it to the closest man standing beside her.


"You are sure this is the location of the orji"

One of the men asked and she nodded.

" Don't try to play games with us, if we find out that this information is false then you're gone for good" the other threatened looking at her expecting an apologetic look from Mrs Michael but surprisingly she didn't wink a bit.

They left the house at dawn leaving both mother and son in bruises. Mrs Michael ran to her son and carried him to a nearby medicine woman to treat him.

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