Genetic Research

Translator: CKtalon

Jiang Baimian had wondered if the Holm Fertility Center had a certain connection with the Northern Company prior to the expedition.

After all, Fan Wensi's vegetable son was most likely connected to two Buddhist Holy Lands—Long River City's United Steel Plant and Iron Mountain City's Second Food Company. As a volunteer, he was sent to a certain place in the north for treatment. This inevitably made one form the connection with the Northern Company that attended the 29th International Biotechnica Expo in Fakh.

Therefore, as another Buddhist Holy Land, it was only natural for the Holm Fertility Center to have a certain connection with the Northern Company.

Now, this guess was confirmed. Everything was slowly amalgamating in a certain direction.

Jiang Baimian perked up and sized up the Northern Company's vice-president, Oak, excitedly.