953 Bonus Chapter: Meal

Translator: CKtalon


A convoy stopped in front of Serene Dream Hotel. Its leader was a person of Red River ethnicity dressed in a black formal suit and bow tie.

He was in his thirties, and he had bleached blond hair and light-blue eyes. Nothing about his appearance stood out.

The man led a small number of subordinates through the automatic revolving door and entered the hotel lobby.

The lady boss at the front desk wore a colorful dress and focused on the computer screen in front of her, ignoring the customers who stepped in.

"Madam Aynor, we need 20 rooms," said the man in a slightly deep voice. He spoke fluent Ashlandic.

Aynor looked up at these people and curiously asked, "Where are you from? Why don't I have any impression of you?"

She wasn't Nanke Convent's Zhou Yue, so she was good with faces.

The man introduced himself. "I'm the new steward of the Linhai Alliance's Omnidirectional Commerce, Salinger."


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