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Elves And Beasts


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Aragorn,father of the elves, and his twelve sons were taking a stroll through the realms of the Earth, when suddenly, Aragorn came up with a fantastic idea. He thought about turning Middle Earth into something really nice, something more like the humane society. His sons, after a strong argument, agreed to his proposal, except for Logon. Using all the powers they had, they turned Middle Earth into a modern kingdom, giving the elves the togetherness. They named their creation Dalcroft, adapting many more humane characteristics. Seth was an orphan living with his grandparents, in the outskirts of Dalcroft, a huge city. His grandparents had him enrolled in Alpheus II Memorial School. Seth was a Crimson Elf, a very powerful kind and the kind the elves wanted nothing to do with. He was meant to be killed on sight,by any elf who saw him. The young elf lived a secluded life, until he joined Alpheus. There he met a trio who gave him love like never before. Some time later, Luthien, a dark elf, using the twelve power stones, opened the Fanglon Abyss, a cage for the beasts that had at one point overrun the Middle Earth. He, as the most powerful elf in existence, together with his friends, fought a battle against the beasts, devouring them until there was not a single one left. Luthien was very pissed and decided to seek out this elf that destroyed everything that she had put into place. Will Seth manage to defeat the dark elves and save Dalcroft, even though the elves want him dead???

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