1 Chapter 1




Once upon a time there was a fair maiden named Ella in her time girls weren't warriors they had to tend to the house and their dads chose who they married. Ella lives in a house with her father and brothers she pretty much had to do all the house work make the food go shopping and clean her BROTHERS ROOM!!! Today is her 15th birthday her father tells her that she will be getting married soon. Since Ella's family is very high up on the social ranking only below the royal family so she will most likely marry a man very high up on the ranking to. When Ella heard that she was getting married soon she freaked out in her mind. Late one night she snuck out of bed and snuck to her brothers armory she grabbed a cloak and a bow and quiver. Ella ran as fast as she could into the woods. Ella made it far enough into the woods and away from her home to stop and set up camp, she built a fire out of sticks and stones.

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