With the intention of finally being able to let off some steam, Xiao Lin resolved to be extra focused that time. Therefore, he stopped being on the defensive and chose to attack. 

His blade clashed against the dagger made of energy as red ripples of energy could be seen. The weapons the virtual characters used were formed by the energy from the energy stones, just like they were. Thanks to the system strictly restricting the amount of energy that could be retrieved, they could guarantee there would not be much harm done to the human body. At the most, one would feel a slightly warm sensation. 

Xiao Lin backpedaled for a few steps before stabilizing himself. He furrowed his eyebrows, feeling the impact of the gravity. His opponent seemed to still be stronger than him, which was even further away from his settings. He had an impulse to complain to Dickens, but that had to wait until after the battle.