"Xiao! Do you really understand Lilith?" Lolander said with a look of pity, "Trust me, she's definitely not someone who you can reason with normally. Don't be tricked by her beauty; no matter how crazy it is, she's always been able to do what she said she would."

Chloe also looked at him with sympathy, "I heard of the simulated battle at the start of the year as well. You poor child. I think you'd better give Professor Brown a proper explanation, then hurry back to Dawn Academy."

The rest of them nodded as well. Xiao Lin had thought Lilith's last words were a joke, but everyone acting like this caused him to reassess that. He suddenly felt a sense of foreboding as he softly asked, "What was the simulated battle at the start of the year? I didn't really understand what Lolander said earlier. Could someone explain it to me?"