The man was a little helpless, but his tone was still very gentle. "Most of these notes have their original owner's names. Why don't you have a look at them first?"

Xiao Lin opened a book, the title page of which was written in flamboyant cursive calligraphy, which were surprisingly written in traditional Chinese characters. He could only recognize a name after reading it for some time: Tang Ken. He turned his head to mull over it for a moment before shaking his head in confusion.

He found another one with several small clerical scripts at the corner of the pages: Ouyang Ming.

Who was Ouyang Ming?

Xiao Lin shook his head in a daze before flipping through another one. On that occasion, the name on the page was written in Russian.

As good tempered the man was, he tried his best to control his repeatedly-twitching eyebrows when he saw Xiao Lin's increasingly confused expression. He remained speechless for a moment and did not know what to say.