3 Sure thing


Lots of foliage.

It wasn't a dense forest.

The trees were spaced out.

But lots of smaller plants, particularly thorned death berry plants were abundant and just touching them meant an eternity of itch.

My exposed skin was probably going to end up as a red hell if I touched the thorns but sadly, I wasn't that frail.

Or rather-

My agility was high enough for me to dodge whatever this jungle could throw at me.

At least that's how it was supposed to be-


Here I was, laying face first on a thorned berry stem-

My face stung- as did everything else on my body.

Who'd have thought there to be a hole on the ground wide enough for my feet to just cave in. And not to mention the hole being expertly hidden below the grass-


So much for my elven pride…

Picking myself up, I noticed something different.

And no, it wasn't my burning itch and red thighs, rather-

I was being watched.



They weren't monsters.


"Need some help?"


"No thanks. I'm fine."

The itch was more than bothering me but it wasn't something I couldn't deal with.

Adventurers weren't supposed to be here. So, these folks were either really strong or-

"Oh, don't be like that." One of them shrugged. There were five, and he was probably the leader. Red armor, one sword. "We could even help you with your quests if-"


"If you let's say have a bit of fun with us?"

"All of you?" I eyed them.


Adventurers weren't supposed to be here.


"Well, if they're too much, I wouldn't mind if it were just me and-"

His lackeys complained a bit.

"Sure. Why not?" I shrugged. "First let's find the herbs though."

Almost all their jaws dropped a bit. "Wait? You'd take us all?"

"Yeah," A lick of my lips. "I'd love to."

"She might be bad news boss-" One of them whispered.

But I heard.

Perks of my long ears.

And though they were gulping and all that, every time they stared at my chest or thighs… their eyes lit up and-

"Don't blame us if we're too rough and you go a bit crazy from the pleasure-" The leader attempted, walking this way.

My hand tightly gripping my estoc. "I won't. But first, you'd have to help my quests, remember? Then again, I don't recall ever mentioning I was here on a quest."

The man just stood there- in front of me, a good shoulder taller. Quite stout. Wouldn't say handsome but he definitely had muscles to back up that bulk. "Well, I make a habit of knowing more about beautiful women who join the guild. As for your quest-"

A bag of herbs. Over fifty or so-

"You could get quite the cash from that-"

"But we won't get you-" The man said, throwing a potion all over my body.

My face and thighs sizzled as the redness cleared along with the itch.

Much better.

One particular itch didn't disappear though-

"Oh, you got me wet." I giggled.

The men all grinned. "Then what do you say we get back to town and clean up a little?"

"Sure thing…."

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