The Beginning

Many years ago, before the time of the dinosaurs and the birth of Christ. Lived these mysterious, magical creatures called Dragons! There were many different types of dragons that ranged from small ones called Gargoyles to the big dragons called the Hydra. However, we won't be talking about just any regular old dragons how ever dragons with elemental powers, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind and Metal. These five dragons are the king dragons of there elements. The strongest of them all, are two dragons that will always come on top the Lightning and Shadow dragon in other words the twin dragons. Brothers that are the strongest dragons in the land.

Even though the two dragons were twins they were different in so many ways. The Shadow dragon had a dark heart always wanted to fight and power was everything and the Lightning dragon being kind hearted, open minded, but also fierce was the youngest however the strongest. United they were unstoppable knowing this the Shadow dragon wanted to take control and rule over the world but the Lightning dragon didn't agree he wanted peace. This sparked a whole new era in the dragon time called war. Dragons who favored the Shadow dragon followed him and the dragons who favored the Lightning dragon followed him. This was known as the Dragon Civil war, this war lasted for 100 years. Until finally the Lightning dragon had enough he lured his brother to a cave and sealed him and his brother away. Leaving the five other elemental dragons they decided to keep them from being found for if the Shadow dragon was unleashed war would follow. As time went on and the world started to change, dragons began to go into hiding. The dragons would split and rule their respective kingdoms. The water dragon ruled near the ocean. The Earth and Metal Dragon ruled near the mountains. The Fire dragon ruled near volcanoes or deserts. As for the Wind dragon swore to protect the twin dragons and hide themselves to where no one could find them.

As the five dragons claimed their territory they were never seen together again. When time moved forward and the world started to evolve the dragons began to die. It wasn't until 250 years later the dragons figured out they can become dragon spirits and put themselves in humans. Putting the humans under a contract. This was the beginning of the Dragon warrior era. Humans were able to use the dragons powers and if you were at a certain level you would be able to turn into one. Soon everyone in the world were dragon warriors. However, when woman would give birth their children were not how they were growing up for they also gave birth to dragon warriors. These dragon warriors were different, they were born with dragon spirits instead of signing a contract.

Everyone was born into a dragon warrior! Until one day one boy wasn't, which brings us to our story. When one unlucky boy was born different from the rest.