Elemental Vampire Book

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Elemental Vampire


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Nathan, a sixteen year old boy known for his hot temper, is forced to leave his friends and relocate to the countryside with his family after his father loses his job. In the new environment, Nathan finds solace in a nearby forest. One day while he was walking around the forest, he encounters a mysterious woman with blue hair and red eyes. Before he could react, the woman transforms into a beam of light and causes Nathan to undergo a transformation. At the same time, a huge energy blast occured and it could be seen by everyone on earth. The blast caused earth to undergo a drastic change and people with abilities called gifted appeared. When he wakes up sixteen years later, he discovers he has become a vampire with elemental powers due to the mysterious woman he saw inside the forest. He also found out that she was inside him and she also had a mission of her own, but he still remained sixteen years old due to her freezing the time around him. In return for the power she gave him, he was given a dire task to become the king of the vampires. Determined to find his family, Nathan embarks on a thrilling journey, using his newfound abilities and the system given to him by the mysterious woman to navigate a world filled with danger and mystery. Join Nathan as he rises to the top and uncovers the secrets that lie ahead while also searching for his family. ******************************************** Note: This is my first novel, so I will improve the more I write. Please support me with power stones, golden tickets, gifts and comments. It'll motivate me alot. Thank you. Join the discord please: https://discord.com/invite/8JcgTgrcV7