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Elemental Cultivator


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"Unfortunately you possess no affinity to the essence of nature" "Of course, I don't possess an affinity, I'm from another world!" Waking up in a magical world where humans are blessed with affinities to the essence of nature. Logan as an otherworlder possess no element. But could him being an otherworlder truly be the reason for it? Follow this story of Logan as he gains the power to command the essence of nature itself and battle the forces that threatened him due to the source of his power. Tags: Cultivation, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Weaktostrong, etc. AN: Welcome dear friends, pardon me for my first few chapters I'm a new author but I'll try my best to do better. Also, the first few chapters are quite slow-paced but the pace is picked up in chapter 9. Chapter update!: 12:00pm New York time. Current chapter release rate: one chapter everyday Chapter word count: 1500+


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