Elemental Cats Book

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Elemental Cats


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A universe of elemental magic and beasts. Toz is born with the power to acquire the same element as a cat he establishes a bond with. On a journey to explore the universe, Toz picks up cats and enemies while treading on the path to becoming a peerless elemental mage. Who also happens to use a sword. The story begins with Toz setting out for adventure and exploration with his first two cats, Nil and Lucy. And then stuff happens. *** Disclaimers: MC is pretty nonchalant about people he doesn't know. Close to being coldhearted but not a complete psychopath. The main story only acts in the background in the beginning and isn't even mentioned in the synopsis, but it plays a major role later on. Kind of. A bunch of chapters at the beginning of the novel are pretty rough, but it gets better.


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