Electronic Musician's Transmigration

A music critic transmigrated into a world without his, now her, favourite genre. She decides to change that, with nothing but her brains, and her love for Electronic Music. As she navigates through this new world, she encounters many challenges, from fierce competition to sexist attacks. But she won't let that stop her from reaching her goals. With her quick wit, and a little otherworldly knowledge, Tang Miaoyi sets out on a journey to build her reputation and restore a lost genre to this new world. ____________ First of all, this is a translation. Other people here have tried translating this before, but no one I've seen has gotten past chapter 30. Shout out to Tenison, because they're the reason I found this novel in the first place. Second, this won't be a 100% accurate translation. I'm doing this so other people can read this book and because I love the concept of it. Of course, in typical web novel fashion, Chinese nationalism and casual sexism are rampant in the source material, so I try my best to remove that. I do make mistakes every now and then, so it won't be 100% accurate anyway, but I try my best. And since I'm basically writing fanfiction at this point, that's why it's in this section. Plus, the original author uses IRL song, place, and company names occasionally, so might as well, just to be safe lol. TLDR, It's a translation, and I'm translating loosely. I try to update at least once a day, and occasionally I'll feel a little silly and upload two. Oops! Anyway, tangent over. Hope you enjoy! (Cover by Skrecas)

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Xiaozhang had to become serious now...

Who is TMY? Let's not even talk about their current achievements in China's electronic music scene. There's another aspect we shouldn't overlook – their status as a Bilibili UP creator with a fan count in the seven digits. Their two videos almost single-handedly revitalized a recognized niche category.

In the present Bilibili Dance section, after the release of "Paradise," many content creators seemed to be entranced, and numerous people have already posted videos performing the new dance. The traffic in the dance section has significantly surged compared to before, foreshadowing a trend of widespread dances in the ACG community – it's nothing short of extraordinary.

Hence, if someone of this calibre were to visit the Bilibili headquarters, according to protocol, there must be designated personnel to receive them. Moreover, there were several leaders who personally instructed about matters concerning TMY.

Therefore, after hanging up with TMY, Xiaozhang rushed straight to his immediate superior's office. He ran as though fire and lightning were trailing behind him, startling many colleagues who were preparing to leave work.

"...What? You're saying Teacher TMY wants to visit our Bilibili headquarters?"

Upon hearing Xiaozhang's report, the female supervisor, who had been calmly getting ready to pack up and head home, stood up in an instant. She nearly knocked over the cosmetics she was tidying up, but fortunately, Xiaozhang was quick enough to catch them.

With relief, Xiaozhang gingerly placed an eyeshadow palette on the desk and took a couple of breaths before nodding, "Yes, that's what Teacher TMY told me. She mentioned that after she finishes participating in the electronic music festival in the Imperial City, she'll come over. She seems quite certain about coming here to finalize the K/DA project's contract."

"Well... you've been working hard today. You can go off-duty and rest now. It's not early anymore, and I'll take over this matter. It's important not to rush the arrangements for Teacher TMY's visit to Bilibili. If possible, let's see if we can even record an official video program." The female supervisor pushed her glasses up her nose bridge and spoke in a soft and pleasant voice, "We must handle Teacher TMY's visit to Bilibili carefully and thoughtfully. If we can, we should consider producing an official video segment."


- - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, over at Bilibili's headquarters, the news of Miaoyi's impromptu visit had stirred up quite a commotion. Many employees suddenly received a meeting notification during the time they were preparing to leave work, leading to a mix of laughter and exasperation.

However, on Miaoyi's end, the scene was quite different. She was currently quite at leisure, to the point of having nothing to do. Since she hung up the phone, she was now idly chatting with Qiuying about various mundane topics. The hotel room was enveloped in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

"Yingying, do you want to come with me to an internet cafe and play a few rounds of League of Legends? I'll show you the ropes. Trust me, once you step in, you won't be able to leave."

Qiuying didn't even lift her head, continuing to play with her phone as she replied, "Nah, I'm not interested. I'm checking out an online store. I want to customize a little dress."

"Oh, come on~ It's not like it's gonna go bad. You can always check out the store later." Miaoyi rolled around and rolled up in front of Qiuying. She propped her chin on Qiuying's delicate and slender legs, and with a tone that even she herself found cloying, she said with a melodious pitch, "I haven't played in ages~"

That melodious pitch was practically a curve as winding as an alpine road, combined with Miaoyi's nasal resonance. For certain male creatures, it was a weapon of mass destruction.

...Maybe even a weapon of mass seduction~

Perhaps even Miaoyi herself hadn't realized it—over time, she had begun to feel more comfortable in her new body, enough that something like this had become almost second nature.

However, Qiuying claimed to have developed immunity. Her expression hadn't changed as she helplessly extended her hand to flick Miaoyi's forehead, saying, "Do you think you're still able to go to an internet cafe? Aren't you afraid that once you step in there, you won't be able to come out? Honestly, it's safer to just stay home."

"What's there to be afraid of? In the words of the 'prestigious' Song Ziyin, why can't a celebrity go to an internet cafe?" Miaoyi refused to concede, rubbing her slightly tender forehead where she'd been flicked. She retorted, "It's almost time for the electronic music festival. I'm just going to relax and release some stress. How about that? Hehe..."

"So, since it's almost time for the electronic music festival, when are you planning to start preparing?" Qiuying naturally had the expected response waiting.


Critical hit!

Qiuying: "There's only seven days left. If you don't hurry, will you be able to make it on time? Have you finished everything for the project?"


Critical hit!!

Qiuying: "Last time you had a new single released on site. Are you planning to do the same this time?"

Critical hit!!! 3× Combo Achieved! Damage Multiplier Increased by 200%!

Miaoyi suddenly felt weary. Her enthusiasm had been completely extinguished. She visibly sighed, "Alright, stop talking about it. I won't go. I'll start preparing, okay?"

Actually, Qiuying was right. An unexpected Ultra Music Festival had hit them, and time was running short. Naturally, preparations had to be expedited.

While she could get away with makeshift solutions, Miaoyi's personality wouldn't allow her to do such things. She held electronic music in higher regard than anyone else. Even for the sake of her professional integrity, she couldn't overlook any live performance.

For an exceptional DJ, it's essential to give the fans a unique experience and enjoyment with each live performance. Even for the same song, DJs have the obligation to create distinct differences between two live shows!

Perhaps for other DJs, this would be challenging, and seven days wouldn't be enough time to accomplish this demanding task. However... for Miaoyi, it was a different story.

She still remembered her debut performance where she played several electrifying new singles, making the live show unforgettable. The recorded videos and replays on various major video platforms still garnered an explosive number of views.

This time's Ultra Music Festival was no exception, especially considering it was one of the world's top three electronic music festivals. Could Miaoyi get away with not bringing something innovative?

The answer was simple: of course not.

At this moment, Qiuying suddenly asked, "Given the tight timeframe this time, are you going to create a new single? Otherwise, maybe it's better to skip it? I'm worried time might run out."

"Why wouldn't I?" Miaoyi felt a bit indignant upon hearing this question. She huffed in a petulant tone, "I do have plans for new singles, and not just one. Don't you know me by now? Others might not be able to, but that's not the case for me."

She was joking. For someone like her, a new single was a given – and not just any single, but one that would stir up trouble, and a big one at that.

First and foremost, one of the singles was a given. After all, she had just pulled off the K/DA project, and Miaoyi had no other option.

Of course, the single related to K/DA would definitely not make an appearance at this year's Ultra Music Festival – that was an absolute certainty.

The focus was on the remaining singles. Miaoyi had gradually set her goals for them. They had to be big enough to rock the electronic music scene.